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Mazda Miata Documentary | EP1 Why The Miata Exists

Main Mazda Miata Documentary | EP1 Why The Miata Exists

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    After countless reviews and drives of several generations of MX-5, we launch a Documentary Series with help from Mazda Designers and Engineers. We let …

    Horatio Time Waster

    Really looking forward to this. I have an NA and am lusting after an ND. The Miata is one of the few cars that is really exciting to me.


    NB sure is aging nice in the looks department.


    Kind of depressing that everyone featured seems to be a retiree.


    i hope they can just put a simple v6 or v8 engine in this senior citizen sports car. problem solved.

    Mike Bishop

    Really looking forward to the whole series SG. Your videos are way above everyone else. I was glad to see you getting a shout-out and recognition from R & T. Justly deserved.

    Rose Rey

    20 years from now the Fourth generation will look out of proportion with cartoonish details while the first Three generations will still be as perfect, clean and classic as they look today.
    I’m an original owner of a 1990 Miata with 293,000 bulletproof miles on it as well as my daily drivers; 2002 Audi TT and 2018 Audi A6


    3:19 Batman?

    Stephen Moss

    Top notch


    Great start to the mini series. Looking forward to the rest. Merry Christmas and May the force be with you.


    "Always allow pop-ups" Where can I buy that T shirt?

    Samjai Sam

    Mazda = quality? Come on! I had my first 323 in 1981 at 18, bought brand new in England where I went to study. That car's gearbox was so sticky that it found myself in awkward situations in traffic when it was impossible to shift! I sold it losing about 40% and got a Corolla instead. No comparison in quality, it was simply first rate Japanese quality. Mazda? Forget it and the Miata/MX5 has been overstated.

    Emanuel Linton

    Miata is the Old High German word for "prize" or "reward",


    9 years with my 94 NA ⚡️


    They won't let you buy one of these unless you're balding and at least 68 years old.


    It's easy to spot a Miata out driving around, you just have to look for the balding head poking out the top LOL

    Hafid Rodarte

    awesome! former Mazdaspeed NB owner! miss it!

    Sean McColley

    I've owned two NA and a NB over the years, and then life happened, and I let them all go. This last winter, I allowed myself the chance to find another weekend warrior, and I had the opportunity to pick up low-mileage Nissan 370 Roadster for a good price. It's a great car. It's quick, and I love the looks. But, it's not a Miata. The Z is a cruiser, and it holds it own in the corners, but I surely miss the lightweight feel of the Mazda. There's another Miata in my future, but I'm not quite ready to sacrifice the Z for it… Looking forward to the rest of this series!

    613 Car Guy

    Who ever doesn't like that need help.


    The thumbs down are all people who have never ever driven a Miata on a winding road.

    TT Smasher

    I’m dying to see a Miata couple, I just can’t buy a convertible, please just make a hard top, please


    I own 2019 MX5 RF wit AT transmission. I do really enjoy the smooth ride of this lightweight roadster.

    David Raezer

    World class review. You knocked it out of the park! Look forward to the remaining series.

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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