Thursday, March 23, 2023

McFarland Fab Opens Its Doors To Repair Ruby's Boost Creep Problem! **EXPERT WELDING**

Main McFarland Fab Opens Its Doors To Repair Ruby's Boost Creep Problem! **EXPERT WELDING**

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    Ruby needs some repair, McFarland Fab on the job! Cleetus Merch – Here’s the new Cleetus2 Channel – Cleetus …

    T Lee

    Noob question here … Aside aesthetics, do cleaner welds help performance or flow. Does the shitty surface create turbulence or is it marginal at those temps. What about structural integrity.


    glory hole he said

    Robert G

    Today, McFarland Fab gives a whole new name to the word, "gaptized!"
    Also today, we learned why James has the nickname, "Goldfinger!"

    terrace Robinson

    Damn!!! Lmao migged the he'll out of it


    Cleetus not realizing how hard he's being trolled by welders sending him SMAW gloves for Mig is just classic.

    iNAMAYAHi !

    It’s actually MACfarland but ok…

    David Mackieson

    Sure your not a graduate of the Stevie wonder school for welding

    Brendon Norton

    "I gotta say, welding gloves is so nice. I've never welded with gloves before." -Cleetus McFarland 2019

    Holy shit when he said this I about lost my shit. I like the amount of effort he put into this. And also I think it's bad ass that he just actually puts this on the car.

    Larry Eldridge

    You say that you can weld better than that…why don't you ?


    Nothing better than welding next to an aerosol can of brake parts cleaner hahahahaaaa never a dull moment at mcfarland fab. safety second!


    Don’t care if you give it 800000000 horsepower. It’s still a Barbie Car might as well be yellow. Give the engine every ball does not give you balls. Your still in a Barbie world. Put that engine in a mans car


    Wow, every time i see you guys your at a certain number on trending. Im super happy to see how popular you guys have gotten, i remember back when i subscribed at 50,000 subs.

    Jon McDonald


    Dale Powell

    Didnt he said this bad girl then this big guy?? transgender wastegate!? 🤔🤔🤣🤣😂😂

    Glenn Thomas

    Peanut, peeenut butter!, Is that crunchy or smooth?

    Garrett Leslie

    #24 on trending!! HELL YEAH BROTHER!!!

    Mahi Mahi

    Just buy a rocket car. Actually twin rockets. stop being a kitty cat.


    Better fitting parts are easier to weld and will look better in the end. Kind of like painting. It’s all in the prep work.

    Joshua Suhy

    "Theres a gap" shirts needed

    Wes Luther

    man, i appreciate your videos. What you can do to these cars. But you need welding classes bad. That manifold looks like trash. That young kid from boosted boys can weld better. let that sink in. You should also replace all of those clamps with T-Bolt clamps. Your asking for boost leaks.

    Mike Mccullum

    What car was running in the background at 4:49? Sounded mean

    Justin Harper

    "Nah We're boggin"🤣🤣🤣


    Oh the red c10 …

    Joe Leal

    That looks like Jabba the Hutt

    Peter Dudas

    if you go over those welds with a TIG welder you can even them out and make sure there is full penetration between all the layers

    Peter Dudas

    you can make your own tubing notcher pretty easily

    Or you can make some nice curved notches with a grinder and flap disk


    Dude surrounds himself with talented people.

    axe beard

    Damn!!! #22 on trending. Crazy! OG


    This is all going to come to an end at some point. What’s the longevity? Is there that much money in the bank that 20years down the road Cleetus still has YouTube money?

    Steve Polhill

    OH God, it hurts so bad! Cleeters Welding is Triggering my OCD!


    Cleetus out here building bridges with the mig welder

    k Sheehan

    Still waiting on the hood

    k Sheehan


    k Sheehan


    Nin Zio

    Hey brother i have a 1986 Camaro Z28 IROC one owner 66000 original documented miles for sale red on red interested? Look at the videos

    Joshua Newman

    You can't see what you are welding behind the gun


    I am a sick man. I wanna throw up considering those welds (and the welding outfit). But still i find it hilarious and cant stop watching…

    Never Enuff Power Channel

    Cleetus McFarland Fab. Awsome Git R Done! LOL


    That looks awesome! Keep up the good work!

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