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Main MERCEDES-AMG A35 4Matic Exhaust SOUND REVS & ONBOARD by AutoTopNL

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    MERCEDES-AMG A35 4Matic Exhaust SOUND REVS & ONBOARD by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! You can …

    Al Capone

    Zum Glück kommt bald der A45 mit über 400Ps. Der A35 ist etwas lame. 😎.. Auspuff-Optik mag ich auch net so.

    YX Yang

    Dose that mean the 45 will have a V6? I mean it has to be better than the35 right?

    Bruno Bruni

    sound 👎👎👎👎👎

    CSL 74

    A Golf R anytime any Day…

    Christopher Burnham

    How on earth can Mercedes put “AMG” on this? Sounds awful.


    Nice camera view! Nice car!… crappy exhaust sound tho..


    I just fell in love with this car. Awesome interior, great exterior design and some crackles when downshifting.

    -jamal hah-

    Mazdaa 3 lool

    Dylan Anarchy99

    I do like these cars but I think the Hyundai I30 n performance sounds much better


    Good entry level AMG, but I prefer old A45. It is faster >100km/h and sounds nicer too

    Kk Lee

    An entry level Mercedes that looks like Kia Forte. No thank you, I would still prefer my 2017 C class, thanks


    For everyone saying it sounds shit compared to the S3 & M1 get used to it! They are all going to 4 Cylinder 2.0 engines with the new filters. Oh and stop comparing it to an RS3 they arent rivals! The new A45S will be the RS3 rival and believe me it's going to smash it. 421BHP sub 4 seconds and new 4matic+. The A35 interior is years ahead of any hatchback on the market.

    DZomla Masina

    I hate that tablet ….

    Omar Ahmed

    Nah nah this definitely is not it sorry👎👎👎😴

    Jamal Pennant

    I really like that behind the driver camera angle your using prefere this to the pov.

    Kai G

    Sounds so fake urgh

    Honda NSXーR ’02-’06



    Wenn du Audi-Fanboys sehen willst, geh auf ein Mercedes-Video, in dem ein Mercedes gezeigt wird, den ein Audi von der Zeit her schlagen kann.

    Bamby Choi

    I just couldn’t trade in my M140i for this. Sounds poo 💩


    People calling this an AMG lol. It's not.

    Teuvo Jormanainen

    Just waiting bmw to do M120i

    Alan Booth

    I just can’t see past that truly awful dashboard. Who on earth signed that off

    detroit ghetto

    front or rear wheel drive

    Brix X

    The sound is pretty bad. Audi S3 and BMW 125i sound better.

    The stigs English cousin

    Better than an s3?

    Stephan Wulf

    Und diese abgerittenen Autos kauft der Deutsche als Vorführwagen 😅😆

    Mats H.

    Mercedes 😍

    Василий Уткин

    bad sound exhaust

    Johnny Hai

    No fart no fun

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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