Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

Main Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

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    Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! …

    Yann Lenherr

    never seen a mercedes amg doing the 0-100 which mercedes says, never!

    Ashneel P

    The A45 will be A45 priced.. not everyone would be able to afford it

    InfiniteGrowing HD

    Gets smoked by civic typ r for half of the price….


    I prefer the Golf R! I think the way better choice


    Forte 5 😂


    all these cars so expensive ))):

    Antonio Calimero

    Look cheap.. i think this is a KIA.
    A fake Mercedes.
    A good Mercedes is a S class.
    This is a joke.

    Edward Kondek

    Golf r or nothing

    Nai-son `

    Rather the Audi S3

    John P

    where is the a45 .. taking forever

    Jesus Christ

    That tinted rear windows is on point

    Bxn 14

    4.7 seconds slow af

    Bxn 14

    Nah Tesla Model S P100D would smoke it

    Finnian Fitzsimons

    Would like to see a video in the future with Ferrari Portofino. Or any Ferrari’s really

    Emmet D

    All these cars sound the same, shite


    wing should’ve been exclusive to the a45

    Pan Haihu



    Very nice interior……except i hate that steering wheel. Shame


    The A35 does not have the signature of the engineer who made the engine? But still an excellent car

    Nathan Ansley

    I hope they bring this to the US

    Sufyaan Ahmed

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the look of the rear of the car?

    R Gjemaj

    What is the name of that phone app that u measure 0-100kmh?

    ThatGuyNamedScott. C

    Wait so the A35 engine isn’t hand built?


    Application for 0-100 km is good


    Will you review the peugeot 208 when it comes out? Interior looks so good for a B class car.


    I went to Germany for my school trip for 4 days I’m in year 10 and my coach went on the autobahn I’m the kid who knows nothing about history but does it anyway and out of nowhere we saw a car zoom past and I’m like “what the bloody ell is going on ere” and I tell my history teacher whys the geezer going so fast and he said the autobahn then he inhaled and went on a 30+ min on what year the motorway (yeah I’m a Brit) was built and I just fell asleep

    that’s my story 🙂

    Djamel Boussaha


    Jonathan Fakes

    Golf r or rs3 or a35 boys ?

    ossama so Lo

    Nissan gtr ????

    Alex 90

    My goodness, with REAL exhausts, such a luxury 😮


    I would still rather buy the RS3 with the 5 cylinder engine than the new a45

    Richard van Tricht

    Is it worth 80/90k? Love the car but think the price is too steep


    I love theese videoss


    BMW i8.


    Bad car 👎🏽

    Enver Baftiu

    Mercedes magnifique bravo top

Viewing 37 posts - 1 through 37 (of 37 total)
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