Thursday, March 23, 2023

Mercedes AMG A45 S 421HP | TOP SPEED on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

Main Mercedes AMG A45 S 421HP | TOP SPEED on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

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    Jeff S

    Will this be the same as the GLB45?


    Next video with this car put the camera outside close to the pipes and u know the rest xD.

    The Batman

    Compared to Europeans, US drivers are still in the Middle Ages when it come to driving.

    AndiJ •

    What’s the name of that program for test accelleration 😜

    Garry Cooper

    Sorry, but I drive a 11 year old Audi RS6 V10 (ABT) with 700 HP and it has a much better acceleration over the entire velocity range.

    Henry Chung

    Love your video, can you tell where can I get the phone mount?

    Olivier Crenauiterwijk

    What speed meter are you using on your phone?

    Joni Ferreira

    I still prefer the old version, and this vídeo gives me reason

    Александр Петров

    Удивляет, что ни кого не поджимает и фарами не маргает как псих

    ravin bachnlal

    This german 4 cylinder will make any american V8 look stupid haha …. speed and handling corners

    Małcinek 10

    Next Mercedes a 35 amg

    TheBuldok COC

    Sound m5 4.4😂😂😂😂

    David Carceles Bord

    Engine lifetime : 2 days

    Mart Alex

    Hell yeah… 🤟💀


    Is it stock or custom? Great pov review.


    Naaa my RS3 is better (audi fan boy)

    Abdallah Salem vlogs

    U r fans from EGYPT north africa


    No night videos anymore?

    Tito Titic

    Sounds like crap compared to audi RS3

    Night Cruiser

    Lol I think that we have exactly the same watch. Is it Seiko?

    vsboy 25

    Such car make me feel poor af


    I have been questioning, what app is he using on his phone?

    l Hanegraafls

    My Audi RS3 is more faster


    tune potential is too weak. they already put too much on that engine


    Reasons why it's "the best or nothing" and for me absolutely the best!

    Yağız Toprak OKUMUŞ

    280 km/h in a 2.0 lt car…Very impressive actually and 421 hp is also top of the line. Engine sound is not bad either. The only downside of this car is probably the price, especially in my country which is Turkey. U can easily buy a Volvo S90 D5 AWD with all the extra options included but they are totally different in terms of driving experience of course but u get the point. Also RS3 is slightly cheaper here. But A45S awd system is much more rear biosed compared to the Haldex awd system that A3 series use. Which they are basically fwd cars with emergency rwd capability. But u can even drift with an A45S on a dry road, which is both fun and interesting, just like the Focus RS…I don't know man, it's a though choice but considering I can't even buy myself a bicycle, no problem 😁


    A 45 AmgS facelift 2.0 Turbo 500+ Hp STOCK
    The Best or Nothing

    Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen

    I'm excited to see wether this thing can make it past 150.000 km. 421 hp in a 2 l 4 cyl, wtf.


    Perfect car for your new NL speedlimit: 100 km/h. lol

    mr grilled chicken

    I have a previous gen petronas edition with a race chip gts black the things a rocket of the line

    Manu Frueh

    Wo sind den die 421 PS.
    Lächerlich und der Ton wie ein Scheiss Haus

    Manu Frueh


    VGA Berlin

    The Sound is so bad ! Like a 750 cm3 motobike 🤭🤭
    There is better no sound

    Mik B

    Getriebe ist einfach unglaublich, schaltet so schnell!

    Michael Michaels

    Funny to see that it has just a little bit more top speed than the Civic Type R.

    Tw Iw

    As a current M140i owner I can honestly say this is looking more and more tempting with each video I watch…makes the new M135i even more redundant than its own efforts

    Steve Larsen

    respect. Удовольствие от таких колесниц безгранично.


    Mercedes or BMW ?

    Muhammad Aziz

    very nice car

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