Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Miata Gets An INSANE New Tire Setup!! With Canyon Run Test (Kind of…)

Main Miata Gets An INSANE New Tire Setup!! With Canyon Run Test (Kind of…)

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    The car is finally getting up to par with how I’ve wanted it to be. The first shake down didn’t go perfect, but it’s all good! Thanks for watching.


    If you do another project pls do a Toyota MRS 🔰🤙🏼❤️




    You should do a pull with that M4


    Greg, that VSauce shoutout was hilarious I love it.

    Richard Birchall

    You've got some insane open roads in your area

    Daniel O

    Track day soon? Eh? Eh? 🤩😝


    gonna miss my 245/35/16 tr1s when they finally wear out or rot. need to downsize so i can still fit 245s without raising the car or rubbing

    Kuma Kuma

    Damn those fatboi tires are lookin good!

    Kevin McInnis

    So glad I am so glad to hear you're pumped man.

    Juan Plus One

    Buttonwillow 13CW please!!!


    I feel your pain. I had both lower ball joints dislocate a couple days ago. Lost one in my neighborhood doing a u turn and had it towed home. Replaced that ball joint and went to turn the car around in my driveway and the second one dropped out. They were replaced 10k miles ago but totally destroyed by fly ash. Back on the road tomorrow though.




    aaayyyy Gary lookin' good my dude. Choice rubbery boyes.


    From a Craig to a Greg(?) this made my day. This even made my old man Huskamute happy as I was kinda restless just now. Thx, kregory. ❤️❤️❤️

    Nathan Fleming

    Hey what is your ET on your wheels? Thinking about doing something similar

    No Grip

    You and me both poopybutt! It has been good to me for about a year. Thanks krek


    That looked like quite a good flat spot on one of your tires (5:08), you didn't feel it on the road? Going on a limb here but that could have been your vibration issue, swapping the diff maybe just changed how the vibration and resonance went through your drive line… Then again I could be wrong, I didn't watch all your videos on the subject.

    Steven Perez

    Discord? Yes please!!!


    So good I had to watch it twice. Looking forward to more rolling shots.

    Martin Armstrong

    Good to see you grinning like a lunatic again. Worth all the work.

    Jonathan Polimeni

    Want to see a track day with you chopping some super fast cars! Willow Springs! Button Willow! Laguna Seca!!!!

    ovidio vasquez

    start doing aero mods

    Ian Fairbanks

    Greg Peachers.


    I hope that bearing isn't toast from driving with no preload might want to check it you are lucky the wheel didnt fall off. Great video though I'm really excited for you to finally enjoy this car I love howevery aspect of this car has been gone over reminds me a lot of taylor rays miata too. I know your build has been going on longer obvs because I've been watching that long.

    Jose Guardado

    I would like to see drag strip numbers.

    Kyle Applegate

    Discord is next level I have set up several channels for people. I would be super stoked for a car passion channel discord! Glad to see things coming together cant wait to do my first video so you can laugh at it.

    Alaska Mc

    Glad you caught that in time. Please be careful out there!

    The PilotMaster

    Just a quick question. What turbo do you have in the miata?

    Greg Maple

    Aayyyy congrats on a runner!

    Rob Keehner

    Good job trusting yourself to pull over and check the car.

    Kirk Harrell

    Oh man! That is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Ceazar Carr

    Almost 100k! Damn I was here since 24k, that's crazy. Congrats, you're awesome and deserve every subscriber

    The JDM Guy

    Dam boi. Sound track sounds straight out of fast and furious 🔥🔥🔥


    From my experience the AR1s take quite a bit to switch on. I'm sure what you were experiencing was a bit of that as well as the nut being lose.

    Charles McGehee

    Okay if I had not actually watched you do all of this work over the past few years I would be naming this car Christine. Stephen King's updated version. Really glad you didn't get hurt with that bolt disappearing.

    Aaron _z33

    I’ve had the same issue with a wheel bearing. The bearing was actually bad and caused play and loosened everything. You should take it apart for inspection and play it safe.


    Are the tires on the left side not mounted backwards?

    Benjamin A.R.

    BBG is going to be ROWDY can't wait for that

    Jimmy Hudson

    Taylor Ray race in the future?? Lol

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