Monday, March 27, 2023

Miata Mirror and Door Panel Replacement!

Main Miata Mirror and Door Panel Replacement!

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    Today I show you guys how to remove/replace the door panel and mirror on a NA Miata! If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a like below! Check out my new shirt …

    Auto Autopsy

    Go check out the new shirt I just released!!

    Gorilla Hackerman

    What's a movie you'd want remade? What's a movie you wouldn't want remade?

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Anybody know when the XFL will announce team names?

    Gorilla Hackerman

    I have an infection in my leg and I'm genuinely kinda concerned it might have to be amputated.

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Duuuuuuuuude what if the AAF puts an expansion team in Rocky Point? Could call in the Rocky Point Breakers or some shit, ya know, cause like spring break

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Great vid Auto, love the content. This will definitely keep T-Series from passing you

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Who at some prospects for the AAF next season, like some spicy rookie qbs for instance. Eric Dungey (Syracuse) I think would be cool, same with Brent Stockstill (Middle Tennessee State), and Manny Wilkins (Arizona State). Also Lamar Raynard (North Carolina A&T) and Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State) would be interesting guys if they wanna go that route.

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Be real now bros, who do you think was cooler back in the day, The Undertaker or Kane?

    Rodolfo Cervantes

    Saab badge on a Miata?

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Kino or Five, what's the better map?

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Ya know what the world really needs? Jaws 5

    Darren Burke

    Great Video Jacob. Sounds cool …….. R2D2 ….. Cheers

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Taking a poll here. Petite titties, big ham hockers, or healthy middle?

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Anybody else a fan of Dethklok?

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Ok which Captain Marvel movie are y'all most hyped for? Captain Marvel or Shazam. Shazam originally was called Captain Marvel, but then Marvel sued DC.

    Gorilla Hackerman

    God I wish the Cowboys would stop being so conservative in free agency. Pay Tank, and bring us in some impact free agents! This is our window, before the cap fucks us. It's now or never

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Not gonna lie, Red Dead Redemption 2 is waaaaaay overrated. Like it's a good game, damn good. But the limp dicked fan boys saying it's the greatest game of all time (and there are quite a few saying as much) need to open their eyes.

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Who is everybody living in week 4 of the AAF?


    That intro tho💦💨

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