Monday, March 27, 2023

Miata Window Regulator & Door Pull Install!

Main Miata Window Regulator & Door Pull Install!

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    Let me know if you guys have any questions about this! Also…. 100K???? What the heck, thank you guys so much for your viewership over the years. At the time …

    ɹǝʇʇnɹ pɹɐɥɔıɹ

    Honda Shin-etsu grease amirite.

    TheMcpeMaster 53

    Bro the coincidence of my miata window not working and then greg posts a video a week later on how to fix it!! YOURE A SAVER!


    Like you did a video on clutch guide and turbo build guide you should make a video on some good tire setups for a miata, wheel size, tire sizes, best application for specific wheels and tires. I know that would be a lot of testing. But since you got those sticky tires I’m intrigued to know what are some of the best tire/wheel setups for a miata


    power window gang this vid is useless to me but i still watched it anyways. love you greg!

    Jux Gaming

    Do a quick tip on door bushings Bc I’ve broken like 4 Fab9Tuning ones already

    Dan Paris

    Love the new intro! Funny gags too! I can tell your mood about this car has gone way up since fixing the vibration! Congrats on 100k!!!!

    Randy Ferguson

    Do you have any carpassionchannel t-shirts, decals or hats I can buy? Would love to advertise my support for your channel!

    Tristan Ludvig

    You should use a rag to remove the clip run it back and forth and it will grab clip so you don't run the risk of cutting the vinyl.


    replaced my window regulator about 2 months ago, even got the delran bushings as well.
    I still watched the video xD

    Wright Marshall

    Carbon fiber door when?


    Loving this new intro!!!

    Jesse Hanson

    That intro 👌🏻👏🏻! Love the channel!

    Charles Eichlin

    The full hair dress kit nicely laid out in the trunk😆😆

    Tinkers Custom

    OMG!! LOL Best opening EVER!! Great job Miata Dad!! 👌😂🤣


    Push the winder clip instead of pulling…. You dont need to remove it, just press from the flat side and pull the handle off the splines 👍

    Slightly Happy

    Love the new intro dad

    Bruce Gorrie

    Greg, I became aware of your videos last month. I' the owner a of stock 1990 since 2 April 1990. Currentlyth has 164,000 kms (100,000 miles plus a little)on it. I've been looking to replace my Yokohama A520s that were the replacement set after the originals. Tried to purchase original size tires in a sticky compound and all I could find were all season tires in 185/60/14s. I'm told I have to buy new wheels and tires larger in diameter, 15, 16, or 17''. Is there somewhere I can find a list of Options for tire size and wheel size . I'm thinking of a Turbo mod etc to put a little excitement into the Miata. I'm impressed by your videos, and think this dummy will be able to do some of the work in my garage. I like the stance of your car and the slightly wider track. Is there somewhere I can see your cars Spec sheet with what you have used and how you have gone about the modification. Thanks for all your work, Bruce AKA Snag5185

    Matt Nicholls

    Watching Gregs' window reg how to on an MX5 Miata knowing full well I'm probably never going to own one. 😂 Videos are too good to not watch.
    Much love from the UK pal. ❤️


    This was so well edited! Good job on another quality piece of content


    Worst part of this job is getting that black goop on your fingers.

    J.G. Motorsports

    The clip meme had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣

    Hank Hill

    Instead of using an ice pick for removing the window cranks take a shop rag and jimmy it under the handle on the bottom side of the clip and itll remove the clip enough for the handle to come off without the clip going flying


    The clip flying into space freaking killed me 😂😂😂


    Someone show this man the towel trick for removing window crank handles.


    That intro tho WOW!

    matthew everett

    Man the end of this video got me confused. I usually watch videos about two things. Cars, or ultralight backpacking. My man pulled out the scale and started talking about weight savings. I’m like wait I thought this was car passion Darwin on the trail.

    spit fire

    I'm loving the old school Mighty Car Mods ish video intro ❤️

    Robert Sample

    I can only like your videos once per active account(which is one) but I love it all and dig the new intro!

    Ilker bilik

    You actually don't need to remove the weather strip. There is no reason to. can you put a note at that part?

    miguel bueno

    Loved the intro man 👌

    Ryan Locher

    That intro 😍


    Oh dude I replaced my windows three times in my miata. Bought it with broken power windows, bought a regulator to replace it, found out its impossible to wind them into the motors, bought a power window conversion kit and just wired up the motors to the oem harness. Instantly blowing fuses, put in a wire, almost burnt the car down. Installed manual regulators, got new door cards, went through 7 cheap cranks before buying an oem set. Fuuuuuck windows

    Nicholas Wild

    That intro is spicy!
    I think you should make your own doorcards and maybe do a custom map pouch……
    I love the OEM map pouch for my wallet and phone holder haha


    3:32 too true.

    Brad McCarthy

    pro tip! (maybe) the door crank clips look similar to my old dodge neon. the trick everyone uses for those, is to wrap a rag underneath the open side of the clip behind the crank. pull on it a bunch and the clip should undo itself enough to pull it out without too much effort.

    Callum b

    You couldn't have released this last week😓

    Bence Lengyel

    Absolutley love the new intro 👌 the video was great and informative -as usual-, cant wait for the next one to come! 🤓

    Steven Gill

    Bro the intro? The INTRO? 😍

    Themis Dimitriadis

    Greg, are you considering to start a new project? Maybe an NB? Don't know if there is any point in going for an NB, but still, I would watch it anyway.

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