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Micah Muzio Talks Cars and C8 | Savagegeese Podcast EP2

Main Micah Muzio Talks Cars and C8 | Savagegeese Podcast EP2

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    Welcome to the new Podcast EP2 where our Guest Micah from Kelly Blue Book talks and answers questions from our Patreons about car shopping, C8 Corvette …


    Heads up first run audio issues so it will be fixed going forward. Thanks

    Backseat Bomb

    100th oop

    Norwall Music

    What an excellent set of content you have here. Keep up the excellent and inspiring work. 🥇💎

    Jesus Martinez

    Lol add played while talking about ads


    Micah is endlessly entertaining. His reviews are great and his sarcasm-filled demeanor works perfectly for his review style.

    Vladimir Putin

    Mr.Goose, the volume is too quiet in the video. Other than that good video!

    elton john

    If asked cordially, I'd give Micah a handjob.


    You need video ….

    Sextus Cornelius

    Hey would you ever do an older i6 z4 review? I hear almost nothing about the thing, it's like it doesnt exist.

    Ace of Spades

    links to episode 1 ?


    I've only seen a couple of videos with Micah in them but I instantly liked him. Big fan! Thanks for having him on the podcast. Couldn't have picked a better guy.


    I'm keeping my C7 manual transmission for 3 pedal engagement fun when I get a C8 (world's 1st car <$60k with a GPS lift kit).

    Jared Rosenholtz

    Actually, the last GM mid engine car would be the Vauxhall VX220 if you count it.

    Anthony C Brown

    Interesting podcast and glad to see the podcast format. Simple observation – Micah is very good at covering live press events and comparison videos where Savage has attended and covered some but he seemed less comfortable. As Micah suggested Savage is great at the details and his in-depth design reviews (BMW 5 GT) and discussions with the Mazda engineers were excellent.

    The wildcard with Savage are his Q&As with Scott and Toddd. You could never script what they do in these sessions but they are never boring and you feel like you are listening to three guys at a pub talk cars.


    At least ponder the idea of making a separate channel for podcasts, please.

    Ronnie Trinidad

    Micah's personal channel is really cool! His wife and daughter add a pretty cool dynamic to the car reviews. Ive always enjoyed his KBB stuff too. Great podcast ill be subscribing! Thanks Geese keep up the good work brochacho!

    JDM Dragon

    Me personally I think kbb prices are inflated.


    +Savagegeese You guys never talked about motorsports. He did Spec Miata racing and is obviously a fast driver, like yourself. He gets handling dynamics and being fast. I hope at some point to hear that PoV if you either get to talk about that in the future

    JDM Dragon

    Micah is definitely one of the best automotive journalists in existence.


    Micahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ❤️ you guys need to do a colab vid!

    David Varnon

    2020 Fiero up in Flames!



    42:16 SG's opinion on C8 Corvette


    His start/stop comment is wrong. It’s proven it does work. I know in my commute I increase MPG by about 20% when I leave it on.

    Bad Vegan

    Great podcast! Love the honest opinions on all the cars and trends!
    @savagegeese I really wish there were more reviewers out there that just said, "Look, these things are not worth spending your hard earned money on. They are fancy but don't get sucked into thinking they are "better". Don't believe the hype. Don't regret throwing away thousands. Stop this trend of truly disposable, expensive cars that can't last longer than your loan payments."

    I know the realities of the reviewer business doesn't allow those kinds of reality checks but I do appreciate at least hearing the truth somewhere! Thank you and yes, I love cars, but that's why these trends bother me so much!

    Ivan Vojt

    Micah, was Craig Cole not available (kidding)?

    general manko

    Nobody asked the model of his helicopter? Man, I wanted to know if it has a turbine engine. Also turbine engine > combustion engine. Well at least for aviation.


    Geese I cannot find you under Apple Podcasts am I searching wrong?!

    Izz Din

    Mr Geese, good podcast, but you might wanna adjust the volume, I can barely hear Micah unless I crank the volume up.


    Supercars SHOULD also have lots of nuance to review, but they aren't my favorite category of car either to be honest.


    This guy may have started as a janitor, but if he's now funding helicopter maintenance – he's now on a different financial plane than Goose.


    Bunch of Happy Horse shit here… Blah

    Arthur Wall

    Nice podcast

    Gabe H

    Volume levels were way too low next podcast see if you can adjust the gain or tweak something where the audio comes in at a higher level


    I used to be super into it but the podcast format of bringing on guests, hearing about their background, and what projects their working on is getting incredibly old


    Interview great 👍 audio pisspoor but I’m confident U will fix it asap

    Simon Zeng

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Keep up the good work!


    Too funny, while you guys were talking about ads at 16:51 I got an ad. No issues with the ads on my end. I get that's how you pay the bills.

    Diego Montoya

    Micah makes his own electronic, almost video game sounding music and is a helicopter pilot, who gets to drive cool cars for a living… He's living his best self.

    Dan Lee

    Most C8 won't have cooling problems idling in the drive thru of Starbucks and Chik Fil A,

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