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Milwaukee Knock Off Batteries What You Need To Know

Main Milwaukee Knock Off Batteries What You Need To Know

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    Tools are expensive. Being able to save money with knock off power tool batteries is appealing. Don’t buy them till you watch this video on what you need to …


    Check out the Pull-A-Part Challenge beginning with episode 1 of 3 here โ†’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb6rMccSH4s
    Check out Real Tool Reviews channel here โ†’ https://www.youtube.com/user/dmcguinn1


    Good info Brian. Got the sticker stuck to my tool box today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oz Mechanics

    Btw Brian just got your sticker. Thanks again for sending one.


    You make way more than enough money to pay the full price and buy the original batteries and not go through that bullshit You could burn your whole house down while you have them on charge Oh because of $9 dollars WOW

    Darren Tsosie

    I've bought a 2 pack of Energup 2.0 M12 batteries off Amazon and I havent any issues with them. I'm actually happy with that purchase.

    Ji Fi-01

    "don't do this …. but if you are going to do this" classic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Good repair on the battery lock tangs

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Cheap battery packs dont work great on all tools and brands

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video Brian good info

    Eric Bengtson

    Love your vids Brian. Always helpful and clearly explained.

    CRZY squirrel80

    Love your videos. Very informative. Been watching you for awhile first time commenting. Watched you when I needed to do head gaskets on subaru legacy. Everything went perfect thanks to you. Truly appreciate your videos. Keepem comin.

    Josh G

    Never had good success with knock offs…always junk. I just buy the genuine.

    Stan S

    Briansmobile1 – A PC/PG version of AVE.


    I guess you get what you pay for when it comes to batteries. I don't own any Milwaukee power tools but if I buy cheap batteries for my camera I always regret it. Thanks for the information Brian.

    james U

    Good morning Brian. Thanks

    disabled submarine vet

    i have a 20606 scion that over heated so bad the radiator busted now it will not turn over .

    Daniel Bernier

    Hi gays ??? Lol am I suddenly on the wrong channel ?


    have a question. if anyone could provide some insights.

    have a 2007 ford fusion 2.3L I4 5 speed manual, 84,000 miles, runs good.
    have the chance to trade into a 2014 ford fusion eco boost with an automatic transmission that has 82,000 miles on it, runs good.

    would you keep the 2007 ford fusion or trade for the newer one.

    been researching myself.
    the older fusions were more or less mazdas.
    pair that with the 5 speed manual tranny and seems the long term review of the 2007 rates higher in driver satisfaction and repairs.

    the 2014 fusions especially with ecoboost seem to have lower overall satisfaction ratings that the 2007 model.

    and like I said this is literally a trade from a family member.
    no money involved.


    what would you rather own?
    a 2007 fusion 2.3L I4 5 speed or a 2014 fusion ecoboost 4 cylinder with a automatic tranny?

    which one will last the longest with the least issues / problems?

    appreciate any insight what so ever.

    SATAMAN Schmidt

    Brian, is it really worth it for $10?? Now if this was one of Milwaukee's M18 12 A-hr batteries that go for over $200@ then certainly it would be but for $10 who cares? That's two Pro V1 golf balls and I blow through that every round.


    Wheres the girl? U should pay her lol


    I never had a "good" knock off battery. I just resorted to paying the price. ๐Ÿ˜

    Bandits INFO Channel

    Why does Chris Fix cover or don't show his face?


    At least from an Amazon perspective, if you reach out to the supplier telling them your issues, they typically send you a complete replacement and don't want to waste the shipping cost to return the bad one. Then you'll possibly have 2x the amount of batteries but no telling how long you'll be able to use the bad ones (if at all). They obviously make enough profit to do this, so the continue playing the odds that the batteries are good enough where people wont return them.

    FrugalPrepper’s Garage & Garden

    This video is going to do great! I have found that it's just worth it to bite the bullet and buy genuine batteries, except in my Ryobi stuff (which I am phasing out as it breaks). All the Ryobi Lithiums have problems where they let the voltage get too low and then they won't take a charge. I did a video on how to brink up the surface charge and make them charge again, but it a huge pain. I've had better luck with some of the knockoffs in Ryobi.

    Doug R

    Nice video, but why not buy another Milwaukee battery if you want a spare? 18 volt batteries are too bulky for me also. A 12v Milwaukee has never let me down


    thanks Brian, i loved the video. Keep up a progress on those batteries, i want to know if they hold up to original Milwaukee's.

    Sam S

    Lots of new old stock, refurb, and wholesale B Grade Milwaukee batteries. Watch for these , they're not always a good deal. If the batteries aren't stored correct they begin to corrode internally. Milwaukee at some point switched from nickle contacts on the batteries to something that corrodes. And without buying from a authorized vender I found myself up the creak when a new battery died after about 10 uses. M18 though… And FYI avoid the cheapo rotary m18 drill that's $99 with bag ,2.0a battery, kit. The drill feels like a cheapo toy and teeth on the Chuck, can't even hold a bit flush on 3 sides, so it wobble constantly, straight out the box, not damaged either. I only wanted to battery, I'll warranty the drill when they fix it, but damn.

    That m18 battery I had, the temp sensor crapped the bed. The LG batteries within in power my flashlights now



    Paul Sosa

    I used to take apart my toys as a kid just to see how they worked. Now I work in a manufacturing shop making stuff and I still take things apart usually to try to fix them and see how they work.


    I appreciate your notices of caution! I usually bleed a bit on a job ๐Ÿ™‚ Be Careful ! The best parts of life take time to create~~~


    I've had batteries blink when their too cold. .


    Rockwell is lifetime replacement on batteries . . That's why I use em..


    Take one of your dead MW batts, and simply replace the 18650's with good ones. You can find a guy on eBay in the US who buys in bulk from Alarm companies. He usually sells in lots of 50-100, however he tests each and every one, and lists the maH rating on them. The cheapos are ONLY cheap because they are rewrapping scavenged laptop batteries. Often times you can see the previous spot welds on them from where the old connector was pulled off. You can rig up a cheap spot welder with a car battery, motorcycle solenoid and some copper nails from HD for very cheap, vs trying to solder them.
    There simply isn't enough battery supply to meet existing demand, not to mention the market for consumers looking to do this sort of thing.
    Better yet, save the hassle and buy a 3rd battery from MW to use in rotation.


    The genuine ones are $70 each here in NZ ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


    I won't even buy the knock off batteries anymore. They also seem to have about half the lifespan.


    There 18650 batterys if anything strip all that stuff off and use them in your led flash light

    bob gwinn

    ConGrats on all the videos Brian wtg!!! i enjoy learning from you. you make it look so easy so i too try to just take a sec relax then go back at fixing my problems…. i just recently fixed my 2015 Harley Street 750. the starter assembly bearing went bad. reason was the bearings themselves were not assembled correctly from the manufacture. they are a 1-way bearing. i found the problem sitting on a chair holding a bought new and the old one. i went and watched a few of your videos… i relaxed sitting it that chair. there it was those bearings were facing different ways. and the 2 1-way bearings were not the same in thickness. so i swapped the new to the old aligned all the bearings the correct way and it worked. starts up faster than new. runs better than new. whats odd is it acted like fuel shortage or starter, solenoid problem, or relay or fuse. so i replaced all of those and problem was still there. $20 ebay part plus case gasket and roller timing chain bearing which was cheap, i ended up ordering those from a suppler in Maine. Harley wants a $400 plus labor to replace the whole assembly they say. bet they add in parts too. there is a clutch basket where the1-way bearing fits into. but the bikes clutch basket is on the other side of the bike…. i had to hand lead them just for part #'s. the dealer here i got no help at all which was disappointing since i bough the bike here. Dover dealer did feel bad because they had no answers. so i was able to use them to get my problem fixed searching for cheaper parts. i even got Timkin Roller Bearing here involved since they are close by. and some of timkens dealers involved. which helped with prices…. when i located a ebay sale. haggled ebay just for giggles and that paided off… took me about 3 weeks but i got it fixed correctly.
    cool footage since i grew up on as a farm boy.. lol thanks for sharing

    Sean Dansro

    I'd recommend using electrical tape or another insulator to block contact with the parts you are repairing on the battery so things don't short.

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