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Milwaukee M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchet ~ FREE RATCHET ~

Main Milwaukee M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchet ~ FREE RATCHET ~

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    Today we are looking at the new Milwaukee M12 extended reach electric ratchet. This electric ratchet is about 3 inches longer than the regular Milwaukee 1/4 …


    Congrats to Chris and Daniel! Thank you guys so much for the awesome comments. I love hearing what yall are working on. Big ups to Milwaukee tools for letting me hook you guys up with some tools.


    Aw I missed it

    Edward Shelton

    I'm a mechanic for the army and also do side work at home. I'm about to get a project car. I've never owned one of The electric Ratchets. I would love to have the 3/8 one. I think it would help me alot in the side work, project car, and also using it at work. Love your video's cant wait for more content!

    JVLY Garage


    I’ll be working on my 06 civic and friends and family’s vehicles.

    Sage Trimarco

    I would absolutely love having a 3/8 one! Especially on a college budget. I'm always working on my '03 1.8t Passat, next project is inner CV boot replacements.

    Keith’s Garage

    Your lucky i wish I could get away with using a 1/4” drive most of the time. Unfortunately working on vehicles here in the rust belt anything 1/4” drive won’t get you very far before it breaks. 3/8” drive can even be a little iffy sometimes, I’ve broke a number of those as well. To play it somewhat safe I usually only use 3/8” drive for smaller nuts & bolts say 10-13mm or smaller depending on the situation. 1/2” drive eh 13-20mm. And 3/4” drive for anything bigger or just for stubborn nuts & bolts since I know it likely won’t break and i have two handles for it too, one is about 10” & the other is 30” (plus the ratchet head is about 6”) so total length of 16”, or 36” for the real stubborn ones. Oh and for the real realll stubborn bolts I got ole behemoth bolt snapper, 1” drive 2,500+ Ft. Lbs. Pneumatic impact wrench😆 … Anyways, that often results in a bit of a struggle in tight quarters. I wish we had the technology to make a 1/4” drive anvil as strong as a, at least a 1/2” drive. That would be very nice.


    I need this since i moved to working on a vw dealership.

    Eddie Feldman

    I’de take either one but prefer the 3/8 drive. I’d use it for odd jobs around the house especially fixing things with the kids. I’d keep it at work though as I can see this working out great in tight areas on cars/ trucks.

    Aaron Valenta

    1/4, my mk4 gti and mk4 jetta both 1.8t

    Dallas Wright

    3/8 and at home for everything

    Andrew S

    1/4" I'd be using it on my 2007 BMW 335i and various of other projects

    Anthony Ueckermann

    I do a lot of my own repairs on our vehicles. We own a 2007 VW Caravelle 2.5 TDi and a 2010 VW Jetta 2.0 TDi. I also do all my own maintenance and repairs on our motorcycles. Such a tool would be a great addition to my toolbox. I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, about 35 km from the VW factory in Uitenhage.


    professional mechanic, already have the 1/4


    3/8 I'll be working on my 86' VW Atlantic GLS (Jetta mk1)

    Milton Toro

    We have a project car at automotive school and this would be SO helpful!

    francis kelly

    I’d love the 3/8 model,

    Working on Volkswagen cars over here in Ireland 🇮🇪

    Nate Daniel

    Definitely the 3/8 since it’s longer it could just replace a normal 3/8 hand ratchet. For all around working on cars the 3/8 would probably be more durable than the 1/4

    Devin Cole

    Either or would work. I'm a diesel mechanic and alrady have a 3/8th so so 1/4 would be nice


    I work on sewer, garbage, and street sweepers at work. Then I go home and work on 4x4s and old cars.

    Levi Reichel

    1/4" and i need to work on my lawn mower over the winter

    Jimmy Jasso

    currently doing a b5 s4 engine swap in my 2002 audi a4 1.8t. Will really help a lot in getting that engine rebuilt.

    Greg Blau

    Prefer the 1/4 but 3/8 would be handy too. I got the original 3/8 right when they came out and asked my wife for the 1/4 for Christmas. Sent her the wrong link and didn't want to tell her she got the wrong thing so I'm still without a 1/4 to get at timing covers and what not.
    I couldn't figure out how to share so I added this to a play list

    Brennan Cooper

    3/8" and Toyota forklifts. Thanks for the chance Charles!


    3/8, it would get used on some of the more god forsaken bolts BMW insists on placing.

    Aaron Tucker

    I would like a quarter inch and I will be using it to work on my Corvette and love your your blogs I think they’re very helpful and great and also will be working on my Jetta with it and I have two of those in an Audi A3 that is my wife’s car whippet


    Hey Charles. I could use the 3/8" drive ratchet for a 1972 Buick Skylark restoration and other general automotive work.

    Chris Hunter

    3/8 Maintenance on my cars and the normal winter upgrades are always fun and additional tools always make things better!

    Benjamin Vallejo

    This would be really helpful toward the pickup rebuild for my daughter. The last one got T-boned but the guts survived for glory!

    William Keech

    I am a tech work on a variety of cars but specialize in exhaust work the 1/4 would be great for a lot of manifold catalytic converters that I have to do

    Daniel Perez

    I would love to have the 3/8” extended ratchet. I’m working on rebuilding a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST and I have some tight spaces working on dropping the transmission. This happens to be my first new car I ever purchased. I bought it new and then sold it to a friend. I needed to have room for a family (baby on the way) and a friend of mine decided to sell it back to me which I jumped on. It needs some TLC but it’s coming along.

    jesus miranda

    3/8" Shade tree mechanic, would be used for my own and others! Ty

    James Shuster

    I would love this 3/8" unit! I have never had a battery powered ratchet before and i think it would help a ton when i'm working on my car. Love your videos keep up the good work!

    Dave Whelan

    Honestly for a difference of only 10ft lbs of ratcheting torque the 1/4 inch ratchet seems like a better value. I need to do a full tune up (spark plugs/timing belt) on our family minivan (2005 Sienna) and was looking to buy the earthquake from HFT to help with tight spaces in the back of the intake manifold since that engine is really shoved up in there. Having a skinnier head and long reach would be perfect for getting back in there without tearing my ACL by having to lean over the whole engine bay. Having an electric or pneumatic ratchet for all the timing cover bolts would also be a night and day difference from just using a hand ratchet as well. Good luck, all!! Still jealous about that icon toolbox delivery 😛

    Jim Colopy

    General school bus repairs.


    1/4" would work for me. Like M12 tools.

    Andy Rohrer

    I've been waiting for these to come out. Right now I'm building the transmission on my Lemons/WRL endurance car., I'm leaning toward the 1/4".

    Allen Bryant

    I could use it while working on my brand new 1989 Dodge W100 or my sons increasingly less reliable 2000 Beetle tdi or my 2004 Dodge Durango and hopefully not the other 2 vehicles because they are newer.

    SirMatsAlot Twitch

    1/4" drive would be amazing! Working on a drift build now.

    William Collier

    I need that 3/8 I'm a starting tech and that would be killer in my box

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