Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Mitsubishi drops UK & Europe (& what this means for Australia) | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Main Mitsubishi drops UK & Europe (& what this means for Australia) | Auto Expert John Cadogan

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    Seal Team Ming

    Hey John, when are you going to start selling merch? My parcel shelf has a spot reserved for a MALS cap…


    Bean Counters and Bullshit Plans, just think of all the great things they have given us… F**k all!


    How cum NZ has a cooler nickname?

    David Burt

    Sinc when was realisation spent with a Seppo “Z” ?


    Who cares…Bitsaremissing AU lost plot long ago. Product of today are ugly gutless unreliable bum dragging boring eco trash.

    TheTripleDubya aka Dubya 07

    Oh no, more negative growth !

    Yiannis Danatzis

    The issue with the Mitsubishi brand is that they are 2 separate manufacturers, 1;the Renault/Nissan alliance owned car brand and 2;the Fuso trucks brand, they should just stick to truck like work horses like utes, Express van and SUVs, rebadge everything else as as either Renault or Nissan.


    The next generation of EU emission regs might have something to do with it. 95g co2/litre average for all vehicles sold. Anything over and the fines start, they would have to start buying allowances from the likes of Tesla and those allowances will be in high demand from other brands who can't get their averages down

    Bob Mirdiff

    Is this a Commercial Move on the part of Mitsubishit wanting to re-enter the Suicide Bomber Market?

    John Smith

    Get to the point about Australia

    Andre XX

    I have been thinking about buying a Triton. Now I'm not so sure.

    Ashutosh Pandey

    If they are joined at Heads on R&D, in stead of being joined at pelvis, collaborative R&D will spit out much better products.

    Stephan Bode

    Renault is the "Createur de maleur" company. Mercedes is also cooperating and those engines and cars from Renault are crap. (Smart, Citago=Kangoo)

    Brian Kiesey

    I loved lancers gone i loved magnas gone i have a triton bloody hell

    Joseph Rowe

    Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. The 3 Stooges of the car world.

    Ashutosh Pandey

    In india, and probably World over, Toyota is hell bent on destroying It's credibility by launching rebadged Suzuki cars.

    Luke Warm

    Oh well wont be buying a renault or nissan or mitsubishi

    simon Heming

    Shit boxes in shit boxes in shit boxes …LOL


    So who’s next in the cue after mitsubishi

    Pete Wood

    This is what happens when Bean Counters try to do R&D.

    Bob Mirdiff

    PS – When you thought that it could not get worse . . . . "Ex-Renault boss Thierry Bolloré announced as new JLR CEO in Brexitania"

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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