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Modernizing The Interior Of An Old SUV With A Custom Double-Din Radio: Jimmy Resto Ep.16

Main Modernizing The Interior Of An Old SUV With A Custom Double-Din Radio: Jimmy Resto Ep.16

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    Subscribe today to catch all my upcoming project episodes and reviews! In today’s video, we start wrapping up the Jimmy resto-series by …


    Lumberjack beard's coming along nicely.


    Nice to see a audio system build.


    Not a fan of the style but he did a good job


    Wow!! Some amazing craftsmanship.

    Austin smith

    I'm not a huge Jimmy fan but that is really clean and nice. Props to you man!

    Taylor Taylor



    It’s cool af but that’s WAY to much work for a simple radio change

    O967 G16

    Damn Looks factory!!!

    Pürgatöry Priest

    It's great to see these skillful artists with custom car audio installations, modifications and creativity hasn't yet been lost to progress. Very well done, Extraordinary Audio and Kyle. 👍🏽
    Brings back memories with my 1994 Z28 & the Rockford Fosgate amps & Boston Acoustic speakers (Components) install I did on my own over the course of 30 days. Some fun, satisfactory times.

    Ed Pitchers 458

    Video Idea: Do a Review of the 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV


    Modernizing The Interior Of An Old SUV With A Custom Double-Din Radio: Jimmy Resto Ep.16

    Adam McGee

    That sound system is going to scream!


    I’ve been waiting to see this video for a long time!!!
    Great job! 👍

    Abdiel J. Aponte

    Mr. Saabkyle04 is Best Than Top Gear

    William Miller

    Hey, at least you added about half of the modern features I suggested in the comments on the last video 😅. I love it when you do these resto-mod type builds on unlikely models.

    Z N

    Absolutely love the passion for a classic from this era. I grew up with an awesome 88 Silverado. Now I’m not sure I can get past the lack of an airbag though.

    Random YouTube Videos

    3:22 Make sure you bolt in the seat all the way because if you don’t someone reaching back can fall over and get pinned and suffocate to death.

    Karine M

    I'll be honest, i really don't like it the way it sticks out.

    Its ugly and really looks out of place.

    10/10 for effort though.

    Isaiah Rubio

    We've all missed you bro!


    I usually don't like when people restore with non oem parts but this time I must admit I love it how everything is done

    Sam Squires

    Very nice clean look doesn’t look cheap like something you’d buy at Walmart

    Ho Lee Fok

    love that blazr with digital gauges early 90s final 80s, like the corvette C4 interior

    Ryan Webb

    Kyle the Jimmy looks absolutely amazing it truly does. I can't believe how awesome it has came together. It looks 100 times better than it ever did before. I'm very proud of you Kyle. This has taken you along time to do but with all the hard work you made a huge accomplishment. Id Love to have a Jimmy like yours any day. I'm not even joking. I hope you enjoy your Brand new looking Jimmy. Have fun with it. Take care.

    daniel Britschock

    Awesome Video! Kyle!! Keep it up😉

    Ryan’s V-Twin Vlogs

    Looks totally top shelf. Wow

    Harkin Labs Gaming

    You could have gotten a touch screen out of a Buick Reatta/Riviera to have an actual factory look. The only problem would be the fact that the touch screen was designed for everything like the A/C and trip computer, etc.

    Tuck Smith

    About time you got it installed and how is your house coming along???

    ZY – 04KJ – Plowmans Park PS (1556)

    Dang, Kyle your 30 now I was hoping you mad a birthday special video


    It looks super clean! Is there a way to match the UI color scheme to the dash?


    Please make more Jimmy videos. I have a 94 S10 Blazer (the later body style) and I absolutely love seeing work done to this truck. It's beautiful 🙂

    Mutombo Says



    Kyle, it turned out much better than I would have thought. Great job to you and the guy who helped you install it.

    Largemouth Bass

    does the air conditioner fully work on the 93 jimmy

    nelson wells

    Hell yeah man super stoked to see the box in and giving the windshield hell lol

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