Monday, March 27, 2023

Monster Truck Kart gets 25" ATV Tires!

Main Monster Truck Kart gets 25" ATV Tires!

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    We bought 25โ€ ATV tires for cheap, and we’re installing them on our monster truck lifted go kart! The mini monster truck off road go kart performed pretty well at …

    Gold prospector 1975

    Why don't you guys make a mold of the body you have and then you can make new bodies when ever you want one

    Drake Orion

    Guys…you really need to build a barbie jeep

    VAngel Salcido

    Build a load truck like if they should

    Gregory Megatron

    Please hang a fake pair of legs under the center of the kart it would look like u are dragging your own legs!


    This thing is my favorite. So fricken sweet

    ozzy kimble

    it straight up reminds me of a tonka truck but for adults lol.

    Evan Smithson

    You guys should try to fit a 670cc on the Murray


    There's an extremely nice blue Chevrolet bodied one in Elba Al. With 4 Wooley booger tires,and it looks to be built right,it's in Facebook marketplace,but they're asking 1500bux for it..we're wanting interesting trades for it earlier..

    Chris&Sami Reynolds

    Silver wheels

    Hill Billy

    Awesome look!!! I'd say try the tan, you can always go back to the black.

    Scooter Dana

    you guys should put axel spacers on it 2.5in per side

    hailie opens fun hailie opens fun

    Flip the rims. It needs more offset


    paint it pink, pull the engine and axles, and jump it into the dumpster.
    Then ride all the rest of the novelty stuff {nascar?} {Mini WHAT?} over there and repeat. until
    you have the cool stuff we came for originally like the 4 motor cart,
    the rail, and the murray. Ike ends up riding this truck up to max speed?? It needs a roll bar at least!
    stuff like this can be fun but its functionality as a cart isn't as good as some of the things you guys have built. I can see myself making something like this, riding it a couple times, and then governing it down and giving it to the kids to beat on. After I made outriggers for it so i wouldn't have to worry about it flipping.
    Its a Barbie Jeep in a training bra.

    Ervy T

    Keep the black wheels looks awesome now!!


    Be cool it this was 4×4


    when are you guys gonna end the power wheels/ novelty body crap era and go back to carts. Honestly some of these Im so sick of, I just don't watch until you work on something that seems interesting and not made to look like (insert any pos but a real gokart here), repeatedly. The mower was the last interesting thing you guys did.

    Ugly Stik

    Need torsion bars. That'll stabilize all that vertical motion from engine torque and keep the steer tires on the ground.
    Think Chevy Z71.

    Vida Johnston


    Vida Johnston

    I Think You Just Come Out With A New RIDE!!!!! FOR ADULTS! NOT TO FAST, BUT CAN GO DOWN LAUGHING,And get some mudd in the face. OR SOME RASH.AWESOME CHANNEL.

    Chop Shop

    I think it's awesome. I'd just leave the wheels black

    4wheels offroad

    Please snorkel the Polaris and take it deep in water and put some 27s on it


    The truck definitely looks much more stable than before

    Thomas Bailey

    Build a small stubby bob

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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