Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Monster Truck Kart Steering + Thrash!

Main Monster Truck Kart Steering + Thrash!

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    We installed 25″ ATV wheels and tires on our lifted monster truck go kart, and it looks and performs like a true monster truck! Today, we replace the original basic …

    luke lafferty

    "We thrive on jankyness"

    Elijah Dossett

    That way you could shorten tie rods and tires will not push out

    Elijah Dossett

    You need to lower the rack and pinion to where it’s almost level with steering knuckle off of the rotors

    Koty Hubbard

    Have you thought about looking into vacuum form plastic mold


    Its where the fun is guys, with the experimenting. pioneers in the pines !

    Chris Tidwell
    Will Young

    I messaged you a pic of how to easily solve you rack and pinion problem…. Apparently y'all never check your FB messenger. LOL

    Darien Felix

    It’ll be fine for the next video lol

    Darien Felix

    We’re is the all wheel drive go kart

    Jacob Matthews

    u should put another motor on it and make it 4 wheel drive

    Ralph Taylor

    got too lower the center of the pivet point be two inches.

    MrE Manno

    Free; fiberglass kart shell ( 280zx ) and ect. check your business e mail 5 / 14 // 19 l live close to Oregon gambler

    Satch’mo’s Creations

    Y'all need to make an all electric shifter kart. That hits 7's or better on the quarter mile.

    drive it break it fix it

    Don’t know why they didn’t make it 4×4

    Kevin Sweeney

    Man, This is by far my favorite build from you guys by far. You guys HAVE to do some update/upgrade videos on this thing. So cool !


    CarsandCameras is like the Roadkill of GoKarts.

    Rob Sorgdrager

    Bump stop tie rod ends…..it'll be fine. Make stud extenders….if the tie rod sits higher off the knuckle you fix the bind issue. Think lowered mustang fox body bump steer eliminators. That or just lower the rack.

    Jordan F

    Fill tires full of water and give it a try….. after you fix that wonki steering.

    john smith

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever seen

    John McRae

    Build suggestion…. mini bike sidecar racer shifter kart. Like full size race sidecar

    mikey robertson

    Yall have to check this out, this guy slapped a predator motor into a dodge!!!!


    Aaron Provance

    I agree monster truck 2.0 would be awsome

    Aaron Provance

    You guys could use a tube and rod bender

    Jeremy Hall

    The inner tie rods must be inline between the upper arm pivot and lower arm pivot for proper geometry…… and the toe rods must be parallel with the arms through the swing motion. Your rack is way too wide Use the gear box

    Duane Hill

    Make the rack level


    I think that the 2.0 version of this build should be a 4×4 version! I think that would be AWESOME!

    Bennett Gulstrom

    Monster Truck Kart AKA King of Bump steer


    Is the black widow cart slated to ever make a return?

    Hill On Wheels

    Find someone to make you a mold of that body so you could make your own for later projects.

    I’ll Shoot You

    Not sure if you have plan to do so, but you really need some sort of mud protection for the driver… under carriage?

    Troy Linden

    The camber is also was way off. Hopefully you get it sorted.

    elivs Engstr12345

    Use u joints that would work



    Tyrone_ da_moose

    Who is responsible for the awesome camera work? Shout out to them!

    randall jr Benoit

    I didn't know i had a favorite project cart, UNTIL this truck body gocart ! I hate chevys that's kinda what it looks like but i dig the concept & shape & use! That thing looks like so much fricken fun dood!

    Kevin Huggins

    Mmmm pie!

    Lightninghawk 33

    How do you get in that thing

    J’s WorkShop

    I've never realized it until now but that 212 build sounds amazing!

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