Tuesday, March 21, 2023

More Boost & New Brakes on Dad's Skyline

Main More Boost & New Brakes on Dad's Skyline

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    I love this car so much! Fun little video getting this thing dialed in so he can have endless fun ripping around.

    Aaron Black

    What happened to the yellow evo from down here in Aus?

    Broc Zerbe

    Um a PC of wood and sandpaper been done in a min

    Luka Volarić

    Dat zoom at 4:01 had me dead hahahaha 😂


    Shout to tommy for the McLovin reference


    HAWK pads are always dusty junk I get the stop techs for my track toys half the price half the dust and noise way better feel ! And they take the heat

    Jordan Scheurer

    Lol my 1.5ton HF jack lifted an EcoBoost f150 and sounded like it was dieing. Popping and cracking left and right. Sadly we were in the middle of moving and a buddy that was helping me hit a bolt in the storage area and popped a tire and it's all we had for a jack lol

    carlos caro

    Tommy is lit af


    I missed you

    conran joyce

    needs new wheels

    Michael Latham

    Except none of Tommy's shit is ever complete. Def dont dig how he talks shit on every youtuber out there

    David Johnson

    Tail lights are out!!

    Zachery Shreves

    That tommyfyeah super bad quote got me rollin!

    Aaron Lewis

    Where are the bmx videos

    Mike Davis

    Piece of sandpaper and a block. 1 minute tops.

    Billie Joiner

    Adam LZ vs 3D machines for sale at his track

    Billie Joiner

    Play Adam LZ do 3D machines when you ate his track

    Mitchell WHITE

    Can someone please send me a bike helmet?😥😥😥😥

    Jonathan Clemente

    Tommy is a fucking fagget racist

    Jeremy Dale

    The slots are for cleaning and should always go the way those are facing. If you think about it, facing the other way would just cause everything to get packed to the inside of the slot.


    Is it a gtr or gtst

    Brackon corbridge

    Anyone else see the vice on the bench to his right as he says wish u had a vice….

    Wavy Davey

    bro i had the weirdest fucking dream last night we were chillen and you got way too drunk and puked all over me wtfffff

    Djhi Normas

    did you say something about a 3rotor! hahahahaha k tommy that got me hahahah

    Lucas Ozo

    found ur channel at chrisfix and i immediately subed

    Boslla Lighting

    I love your videos so much!

    steven gupwell

    put some vent holes in coil cover to stop cokking ur coil pack harnnes

    Brady McFarland

    pilot sport 4s are excellent tires! but they can get pricy

    Knife Fiend

    Tres Rotors???

    Kid Tr1pple

    his got a beard

    Royal Fitment Photography

    You and Tommy bickering is honestly all this channel needs.

    Pornhub Official

    Are you trying to grow a beard??

    Morgen walkenhorst

    Adams dads car freaks me out because it has the same intake manifold as my patrol

    Austin Laflamme

    7:32 im prettu sure jimmy taught adam how to do this with a block of wood and sand paper…

    Law Abiding Citizen

    Why is the turbo fluttering?

    Alex Masters

    :O Good work Adam! What a beautiful sounding machine!


    That pop at the end close your lense shutters?!? Aha

    CHUTNEY 2020

    Damn… 5 minutes in and i already gained two tools for my tuning playlist

    dat boi

    Why do you photoshop all of the thumbnails with your dad's skyline in them?

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