Monday, March 27, 2023

More Comancheep Issues to Solve!

Main More Comancheep Issues to Solve!

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    In this video we continue working on the Comancheep project including making new shock tabs for the Dana 60 and replacing the spark plugs on the 5.3L. If a …

    Aired down and disconnected

    Narrow nose sounds better. šŸ˜Š

    Giovanni Amoruso

    You guys should definitely try out some fire suppression systems because I was looking at some budget potions like the ā€œauto firemanā€ but I canā€™t find any videos of it being tested by anyone outside the seller

    My Off-Road Obsession

    Just saw the new icon and diggin' it. I'm sure you already got this response but wrap your headers and then try everything you've done again. Or trade for a diesel…

    K9 Cop

    Go to DEI and get header rap. It will cut the heat by 60% you can get a 90degree spark plug boot


    Accel has angled ceramic boot wires for LS.

    Saul Perez


    cliff ziglar
    Bob Henderson

    Mat, I was concerned about the placement of power steering cooler it looked unprotected, something is going to jump up and try and squash it

    Bent Bars

    Jeep Wrangler build

    Gristle Von Raben

    Very cool abilities. May i suggest you buy headers that give you more space?

    Ian Brown

    Plug wires for the big block 8.1 (came in suburban 2500 from 01?-06 and a few other trucks) have a 45ish degree bend on the plug side. I use them with my headers on my 6.0.

    Captain Gnarkill

    New logo threw me for a loop, clicked not knowing it was Bleepin Jeep. Then found out it is same good oleā€™ Bleepin Jeep. Good stuff

    Walker Ashcraft

    Accel makes some ceramic booted plug wires. They're supposed to be some hot stuff. They can be expensive however.

    Harrison Finch

    You could use the first and last cyclender wires off a straight six. You might have to get a few sets but it should work.

    Renew & Restore Exterior Cleaning, LLC

    Really enjoy watching and learning from your videos.

    Mike Burris

    You can build your own spark plug wires. Sounds like that would be an option for you.


    Header spark plugs are short and you can get some header wires that are 90 degree and shorter on the plug side then use some of your heat wrap on the headers and no more burnt plug wires. Had same issue with a s10 with a small block swap and a sidekick with a LS swap

    HummerH3 Tv

    Would some older vortec spark plugs work? I remember mine had some90 degree plug ends if I remember correct

    Jim Belcher

    Can the spark plug wires be turn around backwards


    Hey Matt for the those plug wires…I seeĀ unused bolt holes in the heads.Ā  Why not makeĀ some little sheet metal arms that bolt to the heads that would give you a place to zip tie the plug wires to, just enough to keep them off the headers?Ā  You could insulate the end of the arms if you're worried about shorting the wires to the arms.Ā  Just a thought.

    Ri Le

    Buy once, cry once! Go get a set of ORIā€™s!

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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