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Most Legendary Muscle Cars V8 Engines of All Time

Main Most Legendary Muscle Cars V8 Engines of All Time

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    Most Legendary Muscle Cars V8 Engines of All Time This video is about Most Legendary Muscle Cars V8 Engines of All Time . If you wanna know which …

    Scott Fox

    The Olds 455 IS NOT. Its Chevy engine. The oil fill is on the left side of the valve cover standing in front of the motor. There is NO oil fill tube on the front left side of the motor standing in front of motor. Plus that motor doesn't have the Olds "click" sound too it. I grew up around Oldsmobiles, so I know the engines of Oldsmobiles.


    short video. but some engines are not mention. like the chevy 327 , ford 460 etc . In my hot rods days. here in nz .I was told chevy 327 was hard to get. so if you get one keep it. they worth big bucks

    robert walton

    Ain't no substitute for cubes !!

    Nick Newman

    Who ever made this video is a dumb ass


    No AMC 390? SS AMX for example. Good list anyhow.

    Eddie Nasser

    The 426 Chrysler Hemi,,,is the only engine shown which held up to Nitro Methane ,,,and was used by phord and Generic motors,,,,still is today per NHRA rules

    Eddie Nasser

    You forgot the 413 and 426 Maximum Performance Wedge(Max Wedge) engines which were unbeatable in 62,63,64 MOPAR!!

    Nancy Blanchard

    The 302 barely

    Thump Er

    You put the 350 orange lump in, the 302 and 289, with zero mention of the Pontiac which started the muscle car era, and was dominating Nascar and NHRA stock classes until the 1963 GM racing ban. Ram Air II, RA IV, RA V, 455 HO, Super Duty 421, 455 SD… very few of the engines you showed in this can touch any of these engines. Hell a D port 455 with a factory RAIII sized cam and 8:1 compression will put a 4000lb car into the 12s with a freaking highway gear. Port the D ports or put round port heads on it and that 455 can put a 4000lb car into the tens with a highway gear. Yet you show cars that were considered fast because they moved very light vehicles into the blistering 16s like that pos 350 sbc. No mention of the W-30 Olds, just a 455 with a dead cylinder and open manifolds, and no Stage 1 Buick.

    Perhaps you should come by far northern Michigan this summer and go for a ride in something not powered by an orange lump or exotic high dollar parts like L88, SOHC, and street Hemis, even though I really like the Hemi and want a blown and injected 354/392 or 426 to put in a 41 Willys coupe with a straight axle, for science.. I'll give you a ride in my daily driver 65 GTO with its very mild 455 and 3.42 gears. It only runs 11s with D port heads and a stock converter in the auto trans. Come on up here to the great white north after the snow is gone, and I will take you for a ride in a low buck $3500 Pontiac.



    Clifford Jones

    MOPAR 4 LIFE Hemi badst in the world that's a fact. The Hemi is stale racing 55 years and going that's a fact. The only engine from The 1960. That stale racing

    Al Dingman

    A Gen II Mopar Super Stock 426 Hemi makes close to 1400 h.p and that`s with a stock cast iron block, stock cast iron heads, stock steel crank and lots of machining.

    After 50 years the GEN II Super Stock Hemi still holds the NHRA Super Stock A and Super Stock AH 8.22 E.T and 160 MPH records

    I would say that is `legendary`!!!!!!!!

    John Bouchard

    You need to dig into your fax what about the LS6 Chevy 454 450 horse about the 455 Buick stage 1 370 horsepower 500 foot pounds of torque I mean I could go on.

    upside downdog

    If I had either of my 2 Mustangs running they put all this to shame. Health issues have prevented that. 9000 rpm 289 sounds glorious. Roller engine 302 with a ridiculous cam is sweet too. Sitting right here.

    SEARKps Paranormal Society

    I have owned, over the years, two 289s and a 302 Ford, a 440 Mag Dodge along with one engine you missed: the 428 Cobra Jet. I own a 6.1 Dodge Hemi now with 425 horses.

    AS P

    427 high Riser motor exist ini four decades, wow

    Bryan Ortner

    What about the Chevy 302

    johnny Portwood

    I actually am about to get a truck with a 350 in it

    JCL Gaming

    What’s with the live chat


    Ford big block for the win

    Blue Haze

    What are the winning race records of these featured engines?

    Hot American Cars

    Best American V8 mills indeed, you started with the best: Chrysler's Big Elephant.

    Sony H K

    Nice video. Thanks

    Metal Head 420



    If you had to choose between Mustang Chevrolet or Dodge

    what would it be

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