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Most powerful and beautiful station wagons ever made

Main Most powerful and beautiful station wagons ever made

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    This video features Most powerful and beautiful station wagons ever made. If you wanna see Most powerful and beautiful station wagons ever made watch this …

    Broers Benzer

    You have forget the Mercedes S124 (W124) E73 T-Modell from Brabus with tje 7.3L V12 585HP and 730NM of Torque and that in 1993 !

    Michael Zuniga

    Wow no nomads??

    Tom Smith

    The "SUV " of the 60s!

    390merc 66

    why no 71 torino squire wagon with a 429 cj?


    7 litre wtf

    Dream Girls Daily

    When you need to get your groceries FAST!!


    My Skoda Octavia estate looks like a matchbox toy next to these old beasts.


    How do you not include a Dodge Magnum SRT8?!

    Ravi Sriram

    Surprised there were no BMW wagons.

    Painkiller Jones

    73 Caprice estate w/ 454 4barrel, dual exhaust, positrac….learned how to drive in this beast!!!

    Riandhika Argatya Pratama

    RS6 Performance ๐Ÿ˜

    Gemini 64

    My favorite all-time wagon(s): Any full-size '60s Pontiac (Catalina/Bonneville/Executive Safari)! Yep, throw in that '59, too!

    Alex Griffin

    "What's that?"
    "My grocery getter"
    "What's in it?"
    "A seven liter"


    Basically every old station wagon was beautiful. Those modern ones definitely aren't, better yet, they're ugly IMO.

    Classic station wagons scream American.
    Read more

    Wal Ford

    No Volvo Turbobrick?

    Douglas B

    I think many of the older American wagons were quicker than their sedan counterparts because they came with bigger gears in the rearend.

    Michael Dart

    I miss my amc eagle 4ร—4

    Rafael Salas

    Never be late for school.

    Mark Gillies

    To me,it have to be the Australian made,Holden HQ (1974) stationwagon.3.3 liter 6 cylinder engine,3 speed column shift.Classic.

    Ronald Bertin

    64 gm never heard of a 410 gm motor ,, 409 ,427 396 , chevy

    paul austin

    Dodge Magnum???? Chevy Nomad????

    Dhirender Kumar

    all are awesome ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    Ecchi Oni

    No RS6 Avant and M5 Touring?

    steve thomas

    The safari wagon, sweet

    G. Hale

    No magnums ??

    Stephen Smith

    This title should be re-named. Not even close! Thumbs down!

    Tony Valdez

    No Mercedes AMG? 6.2Litre monstrum or Audi RS6???
    Cadillac CTS Wagon and beautiful?Yeah,if you know nothing about geometry and style..
    We want see part 2 with EU cars too!

    David Jackson

    A Ferrari 456 5 door station wagon. Was that car just a one off?

    Christian Balint

    Volvo V70R AWD… Alfa 159 Sportwagon 3.2 JTS V6 24v…

    Willie Obermann

    Not even ONE Ford wagon??


    No Volvo P1800ES?

    aji krisnantoro

    That AMC Wgon ain't fast, only 117 hp in 4,2 litre engine? 1970 Land Cruiser perform better with same capacity, 130 hp and more torque. it's regular wagon performance

    Andres Montefusco

    No Stagea? C'mon man!

    James England

    No Nomad?

    David Soltai

    Buick Estate Pontiac Safari Olds Vista Cruiser Plymouth Custom Suburban

    Robert Payne

    The Cadillic CTS is very sweet, The Bonneville looks much longer then any of the other wagons.The Impala wagon is real sweet. good job


    You forgot the most powerful of all. Audi RS6 Avant, 605bhp


    Forgot the Buick Sportwagon came with "A MANUAL" 3 speed!!!


    Thanks!!, Car News T.V.!!! A great way to begin a Friday and good weekend!! I'm not sure if you wanted to include The Buick SportWagon (what I heard Buick never liked the word "Stationwagon")!!! I believe from 69 to 72 with a 454 I think???

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