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Most Stylish Drifting Event in America: Final Bout Gallery Shred Days

Main Most Stylish Drifting Event in America: Final Bout Gallery Shred Days

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    What’s the best part about Final Bout? Everything. The style, the people, the culture… and especially the driving. Even though Hert’s bad luck struck again with …


    Check out the first episode here: What Chassis would YOU build for Final Bout 2020?


    Hurt needs a bit of a rear end upgrade I think.

    Brett Vonscott

    God I love the sound of an LS V8 freakin magical

    Nemo Speed

    Danger Dan for President 2020!!!

    Kellin Patler

    Rob with SO much steez


    WOW, Dan has the same socks as I do! Amazing!

    Jacopo Cadeddu

    From TwerkStallion to DeadStallion it's a fraction of a moment.

    Brett Brumley

    WHAT IS THAT BABY BLUE SKYLINE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Alex Schales

    Rob’s car sounds insane best sounding v8 EVER!!!!!

    Fuyo JDM

    herts that one kid who loves his chassis to much to admit its a POS lol scrap that shit and drive simple seat time car

    Kendale Sechler

    Hurt working on cars whatttttttt

    jack gray

    yo make some pure drifting footage reel videos

    Tim McDaniel


    Nick Kinbacher

    Man that thing of robs in very naughty……. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ

    C. Temple

    Hert needs to build a new car, the Twerk Stallion seems to be just a show pony these days. He should build his GS400 into a competition monster! That would be the shit.

    Marcus Price

    Why is VHS or Very Hoonigan Show not in the title of either episodes?

    Kurt Titan

    Possibly the best hoonigans video ever !!


    I think a hoonigans voice for explaining info would be better, but this show is awesome

    Sam Lazz

    Why isn't drift daddy danger Dan shreading!? Dude's a boss ass fabricator and a drifter would def be some dope footie with that baller trio.

    T.James Dean

    I paused it right after herts run. Heres why, stay with me. To see the happiness on your face hert…… well, thats what lifes about. Kinda been waiting for this moment a min. #DOPE little hard work is ALWAYS work the pay off….

    Jared martinez

    everyone needs a danger dan in their lives


    Scotto making intros instead of making his cars run. Smh πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

    FishyFilms Puffer TV

    A positive comment.

    Gediminas Puskorius

    very cool

    Christian Songalia

    Hoonigan, Noriyaro, and the Sexy Knights together in one video? Damn. Now that's amazing content right there.


    Hoonigan's going to YAMANASHI!

    fvcker gonna fvck

    hert : broke everything he ride
    dangerdan : broke his leg everytime he on skateboard 🀣


    my second favorite v/h/s next to that horror movie

    Jorge Rivera

    Chair Ssssllllaayyerrrrrr!!!!!!

    Usama Babamir

    Why is nobody talking about that beautiful 1jz laguna seca blue m3 drift car?? Mad props to the owner for thrashing on such a rare car

    Cadu Maverick

    drifting is love


    all legends in this vid. Pure smiles the whole way

    Jordan Scott

    Herts car works about as often as Scotto works on his cars,,,, never


    Rob's a BEAST!….best sounding car there

    Amoj 21

    Hope we see again in Super D


    Hert is a good hands down

    Dailyyy Dangles

    Come on hurt i don't think I've ever seen that beauty run more than 5 mins

    Francis Jarmasem

    Drunk dan is funny dan

    Anna Gump

    I'd really love to see a closer look at the setup in Rob's car. The way he can drive with just hand controls is fucking incredible and I'm honestly just curious about how it all works.

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