Tuesday, March 28, 2023

MotionAutoTV's Civic Comes To The Shop For a Tune!

Main MotionAutoTV's Civic Comes To The Shop For a Tune!

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    Ej Barber

    Bro I’m sorry to tell you those turbos are straight junk. Yea I know you went mines and that’s great but your making around 750hp. We were running 10.20 waaay back in like 05’ on a gsr setup with a GARRETT gt35 making only 560hp. The car was outrunning high 9sec cars on the street. My point is it shouldn’t take that much power to hit a 9. With a more efficient turbo like a real gt35, or a precision 62/62 would really be perfect. Even the journal bearing I would take over this one. Cool vid though for pushing limits if the single jingle lol


    Everyone’s getting classic civics I love it

    Vedran Bjelobradić

    More collabs!

    Nebbia affaraccimiei

    7:40 that's gonna destroy an ebay turbo shaft in no-time. I don't get it

    Victor Wilks

    Keep the single camz alive #bigbooost


    What I loved about cleetus and cars was the fact that Kyle put his little 10" subwoofer back in wago just cause I asked him to lmao. Awesome meeting you the 2nd time Kyle 👌

    Xblisit Josh

    Well worth watching the civic dyno blast

    Dizzy Dreamer

    Frr I felt like i knew Kyle at cletus n cars, best experience btw

    Young Coffey

    He legit already broke it 😂💀


    Loving the single cam d series 😍 need more content

    Joshuah Douglas

    I wonder how long my d series with 230,000 on it would last

    David Hammett

    These dudes changed a headgasket like it was nothing! Damn.

    carissa suchocki

    I wonder how hard it would be to set up a race between rudnik (ricermiata) and his Civic vs wago or Trevor's Civic

    Auto Mafia Racing

    did you guys bleed the lift? you have to bleed both sides on the top of the hydraulic ram. We have one of those lifts too.


    Makita is the best, no surprise the ryobi took a shit on ya


    Emilio and Pedro are for sure doing some shit before every video wanna know if kyle is in the game as well😂😂😂

    Bull Ballz

    All coments matter!

    TerryT Garage

    Is this dyno located in Colorodo??

    Psh No Way

    I got a Subaru feel from that turbo surge anybody else ?


    he said that this motor was sleeved but when they had the head off in the other video it didnt look sleeved to but still thats a lot of hp for a single cam honda hope it last at 5000hp

    El_ Demon1o

    When Hondaru is ready ? I want to see broo Emilio que pasa man

    Jaydon Cedeno

    The van needs to be awd next

    Richard Kneipp

    All you have to say is that is so rad . I have a 98 hatchback non vtec. That's what I want to do. Just d ok not know how to get started.

    Luis Montanez

    I was thinking that 460 was gonna be the max for that single cam. 512 wow 😲

    Dwight Dwight

    you guys should build purple rain as a d series monster

    supraman jenkins


    supraman jenkins

    Kyle I got some questions for u about a single cam build I have sent u messages on Instagram back when y'all first came to Houston sent pics on my 2000 accord coupe on diamond steelies fseries vtec out of a 97 prelude h32 trans I live an hour from Houston raceway out in Beaumont TX I really could use some advice I hope to one day soon have Brent tune it once the build is finished I don't care if I have to trailer the car to Colorado yalls work is solid an I trust y'all would lead me in the right direction


    420 for team Colorado Right on

    Lewis Tod

    I like how you say you're so close only 1-2 hours away. Living in UK if someone said im 1-2 hours away, fuck that. Too far.

    Simple Subie

    Damn that's impressive for a little d16!

    All Impact Garage

    I don't really watch these anymore because they have become ads. Selling out is lame.

    Michael Cimino

    Ask Trevor if he can teach you how to paint on Wago

    Auto Body Everything

    Kyle I started another project, b20b with P75 head in a delsol. I bought it to give it a 50 trim but it’s running hell’a good.



    Im dreaming about that Wago over here in n Wisconsin w the AWD. Have a POS civic R18 auto. It's such a slug, that its dangerous off the line with the DBW lag. It hasnt been driveable most of this winter with all the snow. Now dead starter..But its under the intake like the K series, except firewall side. Some people will tell you that the exhaust & axle have to come out. LIES. Wish a k swap was simple on this car


    If you're thinking of going the CRV diff route, consider doing an Element 4WD diff instead. Clutches are bigger on those.


    When you trying your best to bet 420hp but you bust a nut in front of 10 people instead.

    Brandon W

    Is this a stock head ?

    Four Rings Auto

    Emilio was so blazed when he was talking about the Hondaru progress hahaha

    Justin Feller

    This guy from motion claims he knows Kyle but then gives him car cleaning stuff…? Lmao

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