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Motor Mount Shootout: AWR vs. Innovative, Which Is Best For You?

Main Motor Mount Shootout: AWR vs. Innovative, Which Is Best For You?

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    “iT’s caLLed an eNgiNE nOt a mOtOR” Coupon Code: CARPASSION How to Install Motor Mounts: …


    Need to get some for my Eunos. It's only a daily but I hate the feel of the engine rocking around. Got Vibratechnics in my DC5 and are great shame they don't make kits for miatas

    Hoover on Cars

    IDK – I'm not a fan of these types of mounts because I feel like there is a hinge effect, where the torque axis of the motor (along the crank) forces these type of mounts, that have bushings connected by a bolt along the axis to swing like a hinge. The video sort of proves my theory because every mount showed the same amount axis rotation, but they did differ in vibration because that is related more to the actual bushing hardness. Why re-invent the wheel? Just go with Jaguar V8 bushings designed for higher torque at about 1/10th the price of these custom pieces. The Jag bushings bolt right up to the stock Miata motor mounts. A lot of racers run these.

    Jesse De Rooij

    Any softer options for lower hp? Or would that be bad for shifting like stock ones?

    Jon Bristol

    Any chance we could get a list of all the places you have discounts for? I realize this is me being lazy and asking you to do work. If not, would you want a list I have started compiling?


    Did you test the awr mounts with new bushings to level the playing field or did you use the ones you've been doing 400 hp pulls on for a few months now?


    Hillshire Farms lunch meats tubs for the win! 💪😋

    Dale Abono

    Just a minute in, those "scalloped" holes look a little sketchy, for the tension side. Speaking of which, I'm wondering what you think of a hybrid set, using stock or "close to stock" (whatever that means…) on the compression side.

    Jo Ro

    How long should it take to do the whole replacement without boning up the assembly?

    Cory Yalowicki

    What about the Mazda factory competition mounts?

    Andrew Ford

    "just swap your engine mounts"
    cries in 300ZX


    as always very complete and in-depth , i wish you had more cars so you could make this awesome content for other chassis. Keep up the great work bro

    Miata Bros

    Damn i just installed AWRs like 2 weeks ago 🙁

    Darrian Marshall

    Dang… literally just bought awrs a few days ago. The old discount code still works on the fab9 site btw


    Swear every time something goes wrong or I wanna change something on my NA, Greg makes a video for it ❤️

    Lukas Gilkey

    Blackbird Fabworks Drop Mounts > All other mounts

    Forest Spirit

    6:49 lol im a dog


    Thank you for your time on testing these! I've been wanting new mounts as my MSM mounts are obviously worn, just wasn't sure of the higher end options. I like comfort!

    Matthew Howe

    That cheese smile at end 11:47 lol great photos.

    Ken E

    Any idea if these will fit a 1.6? Checked the website and it's only says 94-97, seems like a great product

    Kevin McInnis

    Well looks like I'll be spending money tonight!

    Taylor Felts

    I just put the AWR 80’s in mine at stock power and it’s incredible how much NVH they produce. Does your hood rattle like hell? I can hear the hood rattling from 30 yards away on cold start before it isles down. Gonna try replacing the hood bushings and lowering the hood latch to alleviate it. I think it’s plenty tolerable aside from the hood rattle.


    Great comparison!


    Thankyou mr craig

    Marc-Antoine Carrier

    Sum 41 is the shit

    Don R

    What's the cost difference between insert replacement? The one thing I will say about my AWR Racing Inc mounts is that the inserts are readily available through a few different suppliers. Last time I ordered replacements it was $15 for a set of 4! Which is pretty good compared to replacing the stock mounts and one of the reasons i went to full poly engine mounts.

    Kyle Wong

    Love these videos doing side by side comparisons. Especially when it comes to different aftermarket brands


    I have video of me missing third gear in three different angles. The wonders of shot standard engine mounts. Replacing them is on the short list of things that need doing.

    Phil Jones

    Greg, you're a legend. All that work and time for a motor mount video!! it's 100% entertainment, especially at 9:15 with the camera shake and top out-takes too. How can anyone give this a thumbs down??? ¦:¬

    b sturn

    Did you also win Rockstar's merch giveaway? Liking the sweatshirt.

    Andres Kim

    Awesome spooling intro!

    Guus Cornelissen

    have you looked further into a new seat?

    Andrew Cowden

    You probably want to put a locking nut, a lcok washer or at least threadlocker on the through bolt. As much NVH as the BP produces, that nut is likely to find its way onto the highway in short order. You'll likely have to go with a longer bolt if you add a locking nut or lock washer.


    Great video, Greg! Very thorough! The water test was very telling about the 60 hardness mounts.All the best, Rob

    Miatas Forever

    Video starts at 0:00. You're welcome

    Miatas Forever

    Stock mount gang where you at?!?

    Patty Boi

    I love you, Dad


    Do you buy the mounts specific to your engine or chassis?

    Jason Sury

    Nice cap !


    So since you have a 1.8L in your car I'm assuming you went with the mounts for the 1.8L, am I right? Or did you get the 1.6L mounts since your car was originally a 1.6?

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