Saturday, March 25, 2023

Mounting the V8 LS Engine and Manual Transmission In the Huracan!!

Main Mounting the V8 LS Engine and Manual Transmission In the Huracan!!

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    In today’s episode the LS gets mounted into the Huracan! Thanks to our sponsor Metal Supermarkets. Head to: for all your metal …


    Loving this build but dont cha think that motor looks a bit skinny in the Lambo chassis?.

    Colin Samms

    I am guessing you are going to strengthen the gearbox mounts it probably a stupid comment but good stuff can't wait to see it finished
    and on the road


    Splendid work guys. You're magicians.


    Roof scoop???? That would be awesome!!

    Johann edrosolano

    do it


    I would hang the transmission from a hoop rather than those arms reaching out. Arhes are stronger, if you don't believe me ask the Romans.


    A W12 Twin Turbo Engine from a Bentley Continental GT would have been cool. V8 Lambo, doesn’t have the same ring to it. Even a Cummins Engine would have been epi. Not hating, just sayin’ 👍🏻

    j w

    Ohhhhhh baby this is gooood!!!!


    2006-2009 impala ss 5.3-liter LS4 aluminum. And front wheel drive. Keeps the accessories short


    Rather than building a bracket for under the trans you could build one above to keep that low ride height

    Pier Alla

    I hope you' ll reinforce the frame where has been cutted, cause you took off some huge chunks

    rankadi setati

    Best build on YouTube now

    Christopher Rhoads

    If you get a front sump oil pan you can weld that cross bar in the OEM position.


    Bushings for the engine mounts maybe?

    maikel blok

    Oh no, don't know if you're going to sell it but I can already see Cleetus uploading a video of "I bought a huracan with a truck engine" in the near future. 😂


    Downgrade 🙁

    Jerred Calwell

    V8 in a huracan??


    Get in contact with @peterbjork he is a pro on building custom Lamborghini with custom parts and modified transmission

    Casey and Breelyn

    Could someone help me understand something? Sorry I am just getting into building cars and don't know a whole lot. Why is he putting a V8 engine in a car that normally would have a V12 engine? Wouldn't you want the faster engine? Or is the going for looks, I am confused.

    Evil Ash

    awesome progress made. i'm loving it.

    Steven James

    Careful that your secondary engine mount installation doesn’t interfere with installing/removing the fuel tanks.


    Roof scoop for intake! 🙏


    The Half-Borghini Chevacan Butcher Tail SEMA Edition

    Lawrence ellul

    1/3 of an inch….. go metric!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Müller Volker

    27:35 Loks like a true american engine, look on the floor underneath the orange can.


    Big job, looking good so far 👍👍👍


    Most entertaining build I have seen in a long time!! Lovin it!!

    Brucektrain Trainspotting

    You coulda have brought LS 12 Engine… (LS V12 Engine) they even did have showcase of their engine and LS12 swapped Camaro for SEMA.

    Christopher Wanswett

    Is it just me or did i hear "Butthole" instead of "Bolthole"?? >_<

    Denis D.

    Hint for you 😉 The Engine in the Real Huracan isnt centered. It is shifted a bit to the left. U can see it if u check it out on ur Huracan.

    darek costa

    Is this car going to be safe to drive? Like let’s say u get into a major accident for instance would the driver be safe to drive this car

    Gabriel Espinosa

    You should do a roof scoop air intake system for you’re cold air setup on the hurracan

    Darian Murcott-Istead

    waterpump??? Ewp with 90 degree elbows off the heads or put the heads on backwards? lol

    Hamza Faruqui

    You guys should leave the end of the transmission exposed in the back like the Sesto Elemento. It's gonna be amazing.

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