Saturday, March 25, 2023

Multi-function OLED Gauge Install on the Evo

Main Multi-function OLED Gauge Install on the Evo

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    Cars with aftermarket ECU’s can also get awesome gauges that read from their CAN network. We install a gauge into the steering column cover that displays …

    Mighty Car Mods

    Well the cars are "done" (for now) so next episode we hit the track! Keep your eyeballs out and smash the MCM Bell!

    Dionhsys papadatos

    Oooo come on i was expecting ride with the evo like the vw video to test the gauge😪😪😪


    Very nice banjo playing there Moog!


    Using an Android app like Torque on an Android headunit connecting to a Bluetooth ODB2 dongle is a very nice solution and I have never seen any lag issues.

    Sid Barber

    Nice banjo playing I was pleasantly surprised when you started playing Moog. My son plays it also I made sure to show him 😛 😀

    Jabba _Sechta

    I have that pod on my evo 8, they really are a nice look and great position.

    André Säll

    Marty needs to vacuum he's car 🙂

    Matt Steele

    Subtle Moog, super subtle.

    LT7 Automotive

    More "disrespected drone" footage.

    Ian Summers

    Was that The Bones of JR Jones on banjo?

    Micheal Pahl

    Finally uses a knife to open a box


    What are the wheels for at the end of the video?

    Forrest Culviner

    Do you guys prefer right sided fuel or left sided fuel?

    Forrest Culviner

    I have a real question and please reply

    What is it like driving and shifting on the opposite side as I do?

    Maybe can I get a video?

    Or like a video of you guys driving an American car on the left side?

    Jenson Samuel

    Anyone else pissed this dude just disrespected SUPER GRAMPS stripping that gauge?

    andres Arias

    This guy is really playing a banjo


    Have y'all gauged the gauge on your gauge?


    Why did I feel like Super Gramps was just being totally disrespected and it made me sad.

    Aidan steel

    People might think it’s stupid but I actually enjoyed hearing you play that banjo hahaha. I like when people play a guitar or instrument like that


    First, jack up your car.

    Zach Richard

    Honestly, I loved the banjo. moog should check out Greensky Bluegrass, they’re a “newgrass” band

    Chris Freed

    Look at the Evo disrespecting Super Gramps.

    Aidan F

    Crashes make you a badass

    Tharee tho

    1:24 that's a weird looking radiator

    Jade Taylor



    I was thinking 'that background music is good!' Then we see Moog playing live 🙂

    Jordan Carter

    Very nice, looks like an easy and rewarding install

    Nunya Business

    Moog was right all those episodes ago… Martin must have been born with a soldering iron!

    Edit: I love the fact this was released the day before my Birthday… What an awesome present 😀 Cheers guys!!

    Jashuwa S

    wtf don't do that to super gramps man! that is just rude asfk, he is a old man. geeze


    MCM installation video's FTW …. +100 I'm I right folks?


    Moog you've got a pertty mouth

    Redstone Warrior

    Casually plays banjo in background

    Matt Jones

    Sheep = ?

    Mark Simrow

    Why does moog call Marty "Munn"? I've been watching for a while and have never figured it out, is it a slang word like dude?

    J H

    🤣the banjo


    I could listen to that banjo all day. Mint.

    Oliver Duenas

    Hi, we need more live gentle banjo. Thanks.


    Moog can roll.


    Terra Rs

    whats the song at 4:30?

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