Thursday, March 23, 2023

My Big Plans for the Evo 5!

Main My Big Plans for the Evo 5!

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    I was a little bit all over the place with what I wanted to do to get the blown up Evo back on the road. I think we’ve come up with a solid plan that makes a lot of …

    Cameron Basford

    If B.Haul actually drove the GT3, that is sick!

    alexandre comeau

    moh powah babey!!!!!  #donutmedia

    Andrew CC

    More gt3rs content!


    Honda engine plz 😂


    I never noticed how similar Jimmy Oakes looks to Jason Mayhem Miller

    Chris Ponce’

    Hey a while back you did a 370z giveaway and that's one of my dream cars and i didn't win so you should let me build my own custom z with your money and let me keep it

    cris rose

    Adam: talking
    Doggo :*Exists*

    v6 civic

    Wheres your wife been Adam lz ?? Not being rude just feel like we havent seen her in a long time

    WolfKing 0725

    Adam just shave it off, looks ridiculous having almost half a mustache lol


    K24a2 with a K20a2 head and oil pump Arp head and main studs Scat H beam rods Arias pistons get the block closed decked and boom 1000 hp later You can limiter this setup all day

    Nick Moore

    maybe a lifted truck with a trailer hitch backed up and caused the damage to the GT3


    It's only $1200 to ship guys


    Someone on a bike could of fell sideways and the handlebars hit it

    brian fischer

    Swap it in a parking lot roadkill style lol

    Devin Barker

    Young tuck ❤️


    The dog 😂😂

    King Man

    That Honda Prelude @ 0:39

    Nodd inn

    Tommy made your engine blow so you would buy his 4g63 engine

    Carter Sawchuck

    When is your yellow Evo coming over or is it staying over there please answer in the vid

    Nicola Bonte

    I'm so sad

    Elmer RedEagle

    Tommy seems more douchebaggy then he usually is.

    Deezy Jay

    Sumone kicked it dawg gummon it's plain as day

    Rich A

    7:29 when Adam is stood with the German flag in the background and his arm outstretched, that "molestache" finished me off ha ha

    Dvid perez

    So as a kid remembering how to pop a wheelie on a bike, I ended up slamming into a random parked car, the damaged looked similar to that!

    Rico Fowl

    First thing you should do is even up that stache brother.

    Chaos Reaper

    Your moustache is unevenly weird😂

    Ray ,

    Ok..UK here..
    Evo 5 for last 7 years..
    Repect the evo ..

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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