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My Cheap Mercedes 500E Has Been Continously Broken For 1 Year– Benz Reliability Myth

Main My Cheap Mercedes 500E Has Been Continously Broken For 1 Year– Benz Reliability Myth

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    German "reliability" is a myth!


    Top tip…always remove the old part first before buying the new one. Then take old part with you to compare to the new one to ensure correct fitment etc


    If you want to buy old, cheap, high performance luxury sedans that won't empty your wallet weekly or leave you stuck on the side of the road every other time you drive them, there is really just one word to consider. Lexus

    The patient angler

    Slow clap unless you bought the Camero


    try finding a classic 190E Mercedes they are brilliant great motorway car,


    Geez… Opel GT is so beautiful…

    Christopher Hayes

    But the camaro!


    next hoovie video: I just bought a Red Chevy camaro…….


    Here's an idea: learn how to work on cars.

    Scott Smith

    If you buy that Z28 it will prove once and for all you have no clue what your doing.

    Michael Logan

    Anyone notice his shoes? 🤣

    houtan arefi

    For choosing parts from scrap yard or buying from internet, first use car`s service manual and part manual to see what different parts they have in different years, what is differences between them and what they looks like. then look for exact model year part.

    Lovell Mills

    Don't be too hard on yourself Tyler, we love all your quirks and features 🙂


    You keep saying 111k miles but it’s the fact it’s like 30 years old is the problem. If it was 4 years old and taken care of with 111k miles I bet it would be flawless. I owned the exact same Camaro Z28, in purple paint when it was around 5-6 years old. Fun but dangerous driving car, especially in rain as it had no electronic driving gadgets, also was governed at 103MPH which was a joke considering how fast it would get there.

    Car Treks

    Oh man


    I think everyone is more interested in the camaro than the Mercedes

    Christopher Collins

    You can't "hard wire" that antenna?

    Marquise Thomas

    Anybody wanna bet that tyler bid on the whole lot ?

    Werner Danler

    Tyler, did you have that guy at the yard test the motor on that antenna to see if it even worked? The plastic cables in those break also but are replaceable.

    L.K vs. M.K!!

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Hoovies garage: I AM A COMPLETE MORON

    jason hyde

    you need that camaro

    jason hyde

    looks like the lights are on on the time machine battery gonna go dead


    I had a 123 and the cluster is SUPER easy to take off & to get to the vent is equally easy AND I bought a grill for my 280C (euro) and the plastic portion wasn't very expensive. Better to buy it new, they degrade. Mercedes used to (I don't know if they still do it) make ANY MERCEDES part EVER MADE but—- the thing was they'd take orders every 6 months and every 6 months they'd get the cumulative order and fulfill it (as in, everyone's wish list). I had a window regulator ordered that way. New, OEM baby!


    Seems as though being a complete moron pays pretty well.


    Here's a suggestion to buy —- 2.3-16

    Paul Santos

    You still don't get it. It needed all that work because it was never maintained properly, if at all. Prove me wrong. 80s and 90s Mercedes are bulletproof and need very little care.

    Rafael Heeren

    Well, now that you sold the 7-series, this is my favorite hooptie.

    Luís Gonçalves

    So that car has lineage, you have to put it in mint condition. One cannot expect less, not least because it is a masterpiece that deserves to be saved.

    42luke roblox

    That is very true.


    I have the grill Hoovie. PM me



    Evan Aditya

    9:38 hey my car

    Evan Aditya

    30 year that Mercedes broken
    My 45 year Mercedes stil running

    Mark Tate

    You need to let jr know about that opal! I’m sure Gabe needs parts for his opal


    We are def gonna see that camaro in the future lol

    Richard P

    The Volvo P1800!!!!


    I know the long-term reliability is a joke – a friend is a MB mechanic. Timeshare on wheels.

    frank andereya

    Would you sell the car?

    Justin Merrill

    PLZ buy that Z28 Hoovie

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