Saturday, March 25, 2023


Main MY CUSTOM ORDERED 2020 CHEVY DURAMAX IS HERE!!! *My 2005 LLY Replacement!*

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    OUR 2020 GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Every $5 Spent at is worth 2 entries!!! Thanks to Boost Auto Parts! Link to Mirrors- …

    Jake Thomas

    12:30 that’s USB-C and even if it was Lightning you’d need a Lightning to Lightning cable 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Sinister Z06

    Still not a denali 😒😒

    Christopher Dick

    He’s the only guy in the world to say that’s a beautiful truck

    Jerry Miller

    Should have got the high country. Badass truck nonetheless mike.


    Chevy is beta


    That is the Aztec of pickups. My gawd that thing is hideous. I’m sorry but damn, I thought you were a sighted person!!! 🤣

    Max Mendizabal

    I’m honestly disappointed tht u got cloth seats 😔

    Corey Mccracken

    So glad the gmc’s are a lot sexier. Chevys fucking the front ends up on them 2020s

    Alex Zaremba

    Hahah my sister just totaled her RAV4 the other week too

    Tbone Scriv

    I hate how you put your hand on the cruise control and sometimes I accidentally turn it off, I prefer to drive with my left hand so I find it annoying

    steven hanna

    I just saw one these truck shit they are ugly

    KDH Vids

    I think you should have got the AT4

    Country boy Outdoors

    Get it deleted

    Norman Smith

    OMG it has all ready lost 10K in value as soon as you drive it off the lot what a fool buying new is a fools way of wasting money

    Paul Paul

    literally the ugliest truck on the market and the ugliest Chevy Truck ever created. Congrats


    "Nice, what did you buy that for? Hauling trailers? Construction?"
    "Nah, for making YT vids"


    Nice spec, congratulations!  I did the same thing waaay back in 1998.  I special ordered a 1998 S10 ext cab ZQ8.  My truck was an oddball too since no dealers had one on their lot.  22 years later I still have it.

    Joshua Earnheart

    Any chance we will ever get to see some type of Japanese overland rig? Taco, 4Runner, or maybe even a land cruiser.

    Troll Master

    Lol $65,000 over priced computerized truck and has stock colored yellow headlights but than has Led fog lights doesn’t make since.

    Joe S

    Worst looking truck out there. So sad.

    James Lathrop

    If you wanted it loaded why didn’t you get the LTZ MODEL it would have had a lot of the things you add as stock ?

    justin brininger

    Ford #1 baby

    Brogen Gunn

    Bought plexiglass for though windshield on the blazer

    Timgoff Goff

    emissons 😬

    Joseph Breen

    You did not get the nice center console

    Honis Wagner

    It doesn't matter what Mike buys he is always excited with a new vehicle and its great!


    its not his its the next giveaway

    Joseph McKay

    $65k? thats actually not too bad

    Ry Morales

    This might be the ugliest vehicle I’ve ever seen

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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