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My Customer Destroyed This Car By Not Changing the Oil

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    My Customer Destroyed This Toyota By Not Changing the Oil, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. How to change engine oil. Changing your engine oil, you’re …

    Scotty Kilmer

    I Just Found the Best Car Ever Made (You Can Buy It for $1,000):

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    John K

    Does scotty work on his customers’ cars in his home garage?

    Niguel C Lumbang

    Idol is this engine need to fix it or just fine? Mine do this rattle noise same car same engine and model.thank u pm me thank u a lot I’ve learned a lot from you to fix my own car👍


    Is it ok to change the grade in an older engine to a bit heavier weight? like 5w-30 to 10w-30 ?

    Chris .P Bacon

    4:15 missed a opportunity for a good picture lol

    Alfadil Alsadig

    Scotty what do you think about Dodge charger rt 2014 with v8

    Daryl Collins

    Loved the pop-up that came up when you said you can't always trust the published data!!!

    Jay Dawg

    Whenever somebody installs a new battery and nothing happens, i have to ask now, "Did you remove the plastic cap off the + terminal? My GF's teenage cousin installed a new battery in her Honda and left the + cap on. After 15 min. of Brainstorming? 'She' not him, noticed the little plastic cap on the + terminal. 🤓😜🤪🐒

    Yatucafe ibr

    That is why scotty never get old. He is scrolling on the ground like my 2 years old boy. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💪💪💪👏👏👏

    WaterDoc S

    Anyone who owns a car and doesn’t know you need to change oil deserves to lose the car

    Kristo Trunkett

    Glad you put the Dipstick in after you started it!!


    When filling up with new oil, how much should you allow extra to fill the new filter?

    Brad Rigg

    I have found that when removing tight bolts an 18v impact driver works as a good alternative to a breaker bar. I had a sump plug that wanted to slip rather than loosen, my impact drive made short work of it.
    I little trick my father taught me when pouring oil from a large container was to turn it sideways, this allows air to enter container and makes the oil pour smoothly.

    John Kelly

    Hi Scotty. New oil will always be cheaper than a new engine. When filling the car with oil turn the can on its side before pouring that way it won't spurt oil all over your engine.


    I got my car for about 1/26th the original sticker price and its lasted 34K plus miles lol

    Aaron bilger

    got a ford f150 with the 4.9 engine and yes on cold starts its dry knocking BAD for a second because the last owners in the past never changed the oil meaning i got tons of sludge and i do indeed do the valve cover inside is loaded with it

    Lray 4×4

    If you leave the oil cap off and oil blows everywhere you have serious engine problems.


    I hate those canister filters




    I think I'll skip tightening my drain plug with a breaker bar.


    A Toyota with a problem, but Scotty you say Toyota are perfect, hahaha

    Gregory Sattler

    I noticed you started the engine without the dip stick in. Was there a mess from that?

    M Ridware

    Old oil can built sludge in the vvti system and ocv filter

    M Ridware

    I have the same sound in my 2014 Rav4 but I changed timing chain tensioner and sound goes away and now car runs like a butter

    Cars Trucks And Detours

    Great anti-theft tip and yep, changing the oil regularly is one of the best things a person can do to extend the life of any vehicle…even Toyotas that seem to run forever.

    الشريف العبدلي

    I'm just cheap I pay alot less 😂

    Lyle Williams

    Thank you, Scotty!


    My primera does exactly the same sound on cold start. It has a SR20DE engine. I change the oil every 5.000 kms (3.000 miles), because old 22 years old engine with 130. 000 miles on it. It always makes this sound on cold start. Is there anything else to do or I should just change the brand of my oil? Cheers from France.

    stiven Reyes

    I change my oil every 3,000 miles on my 2006 Lexus GS300 and it sometimes make this sound. I put a thicker oil than what the manufacturer say I use 10-40 Castrol. Ohh by the way I change the oil so soon because it burns oil. Any solutions for that Scotty?

    Matt Cup

    Hey Scotty, this is one of the best videos you’ve done to reach so many people who don’t do basic maintenance on their vehicles.

    jacob carolan

    I always use a tourgue wrench and set the plugs at 28 ft lbs for Toyota’s and Honda’s and 25 ft lbs for everything else.

    Kraven X K

    Fujimoto plugs FTW!!

    Bruce Morris

    Why are there so many ppl in these comments saying you need a torque wrench to avoid over-tightening the stupid oil pan drain plug?? If you can’t do that by touch with a regular wrench without breaking something, please. Sell all your tools, and take your car to a shop. You’re a danger to yourself and others and you have no natural aptitude for mechanical work.


    So happy I never have to change my oil in my Tesla.

    DA Poppa

    You are absolutely correct!! Most people never keep up with the oil service. I do mine before 5000 miles, and my engines run like new. I also recommend doing all fluids every few years, I live in the deep south, and all of those fluids are beat after a few summers. Do you recommend doing the Blackstone lab oil test? The main thing is when I sell my trucks I have a three ring binder showing the services I have done, and I tend to get my full asking price when selling.. Thanks for the good tips Scotty!!!

    Mister X

    Scotty is my idol!

    BIG J

    Sums up just about every Toyota driver ever. Trust me i work at a lube shop and all the cars that come in with the most severe oil leaks are toyota’s and altimas

    City Lock a polytechnikey llc company

    I get occasional calls on NISSAN in particular with the exact thing you described. Vehicle battery replacement may be arming the anti-theft ( ign kill ) with or without alarm. This, may or may not proffer a theft light. The theft light ONLY indicates lack of a valid key. Theft light should flash evenly, approx once every 2-3 seconds UNTIL a key is inserted into ign. IF valid read fo the RFID chip occurs, light SHOULD go out. If flashing a Morse code type of thing, the flash pattern can be looked up online for that YMM, and help indicate what is happening. A locksmith can be called with this info as well. Your tip may work, depending on the underlying issue. As this malfunction may not be contained in a pin-point diagnostic flow chart used with very rudimentary scan tools which only pick up TSBs and little more. People often are throwing parts at the problem, after rope-towing it to the nearest DIY parts store. For some reason many are fine with throwing hundreds or more at a problem, but abhor the thought of a proper diagnostics that often will reveal the CORRECT issue, and often at about 150.00, if it does not run over an hour. With my equipment, a full, all module scan and report takes about 10-15 minutes. The issues are when the problem is not one that documents a TSB or other indicator, and the tech has to dive in and individually test circuits according to the flow chart. I get tons of people asking me to come out and reprogram their keys. On a Nissan, that will often work, because the process re-mates the module to the main ecu. pcm, bcm, as the make and model would have in play. On many cars, locking the vehicle with a remote, or the armrest lock button, shutting the door.. then opening manually with a key will trip the alarm, and in some cases disable the ignition. Subaru will shut down after turning key in ign and turning from 1-3 cycles… model and year dependent. People need to replace lost or malfunctioning remotes ( Malfunction should be checked for everything fro ma low remote battery to a resynch, such as on VW/Audi…. remote will act dead, but just be out of synch with vehicle. Locksmiths are the best option for keys and remotes, because we can un-do the problems such as worn keys, service Honda and Toyota locks that jam up, while keeping the car all on one key. The takeaway from your video and my long winded reply is to respect the value of diagnostics and experts. Diagnostics has equal or more value on modern cars than wrench turning. But, before bringing me a wheelbarrow of your money, nothing wrong with some DIY checking of basic functions, such as a new battery in remote, resynch remote, test car battery, as late model cars will not crank if ANYTHING is not reading aok. ( tire or mechanic shop will generally do the quick test of charging system, if you can get the car there. REWIRED cars… often there can be a dealer or prior owner installed anti-theft or aftermarket alarm/remote…… these can get armed and if you did not get the remote… you are screwed until you restore the wiring back to OEM ( my recommendation is get rid of the zombie stuff ) A well reputed car stereo shop is a good resource for REMOVING and correcting the wiring.

    Yoopertube Jeff adamczak

    I thought the Toyota's can handle being driven 100k miles with out changing it? See what you did to your customers 😁🤣😂🤦‍♂️

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