Tuesday, March 28, 2023

My E36 is BACK! – New Paint & Big Plans!

Main My E36 is BACK! – New Paint & Big Plans!

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    Worth the wait? Thanks Ring for sponsoring this video – Welcome Kit deal at MERCH – Cliq Tuning –


    Who's fc is out front?



    Oscar Johnston

    E36 content!!! 🙏🏽

    Legomeeggo 11

    blitz o3s ftw

    Ramon Villa

    I would ask Chelsea denofa for build tips he's the e36 guru

    Ramon Villa

    Adam big boost 💪🏻


    Here is a quick vid i made about adam thinking at 7:50, my editing is very bad so its not the best but it was funny to me, https://youtu.be/DwYrhk1Yz7o

    Dont take this seriously, adam is one of my favorite youtubers, so this vid is just a joke

    Shifter Media

    Adam hook it up with a cheap R32 windshield. I replaced mine for $800 D:

    muda sucka

    yo thats my teacher, i worked on the E36 a little

    Alexander Grullon

    I need more lz gear

    Alexander Grullon

    White fc…..


    Adam i don’t know if you’ll answer I have a sedan e36 any suggestions to
    Go to for a body kit?

    Car Guy Jam

    What’s the wheel specs on the e36 AdamLZ? That wheel fitment is spot on 👌🏼

    Jay Dot Fox

    Smash that like button! 😅

    Duran Herrera

    Put the Blitz 03 on the Supra please❤️❤️


    Finally E36 love <3

    Sam Adven Media

    Alberto is such a badass! Dude just doesn't stop

    Sebastian Papierowski

    Black side trims please 😭

    Jack Cunliffe

    Alberto looks tired man, grafter


    @Adam LZ put the blitz on the chaser

    Timothy Espanta

    put some workz on the nice chaser


    What wheels are on the e36?

    J Gib

    1:03 WTF Did he say ???? 👍🏼🤯

    dave IIIBB

    Collab with @thatdudeinblue ?


    Adam drifting a BMW has been long overdue. His first car was a BMW. Then the car that changed his life and Arguably started everything also was a BMW.
    Then drifting took over and… so did Nissan.
    Back to your roots 🤘
    Also…. Adam should've just quit while he was ahead at 14:20. I had to just pretend I didn't hear all that lol
    Also also… why was he pumping the throttle as if it were the clutch at 15:10 ? I'm assuming that was the throttle considering it was his right leg.

    Race Life By Ricky

    im excited on the E36

    Johnathan Ramirez

    Definitely blitz on the chaser

    Brian Velez

    E36 looks cleannnnn

    Stuntin Issa Habit

    When i grow up… i want to be Adam LZ, and I'm already older than him…

    Mikel Morgan

    mane turn that think into a grip hpde time attack car

    Jay86 _

    Dude that blue is FIRE! Hell yea brother

    derrick brandon

    How did I forget about the e36

    Master Bubbles

    14:10 doesn't Alberto know to pull not to push. Way more power into it


    Ring is super trah wtf dude. This is so deceptive.

Viewing 35 posts - 1 through 35 (of 35 total)
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