Thursday, March 23, 2023

My Ferrari 458 is ALIVE! First Start and Rev’s!!!

Main My Ferrari 458 is ALIVE! First Start and Rev’s!!!

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    This marks the rebirth of the 458! She is now alive! Ran into a couple hiccups along the way today, but shes ALIVE! Time for the street! You can subscribe to my …

    mimic 81889

    Tj and Calvin the YouTube Ferrari mechanics

    Carlo Scarps

    Hurry up and finish the car I wanna see some supra stuff

    Israel Gomez

    I wonder if he fixing to do another super car after the Ferrari


    Its sound so beautiful. I cant believe you have come so far.


    Put the wheels from your old GTR on the Ferrari

    Harley Ross

    I hope u didnt drain the trans oil thinking it was the motor oil then doubling the oil in the motor, mate of mine done it once 😂


    Coolant is always that colour

    Javier Rios

    Next step grow the beard 👍🏽

    Jemmie Xie

    20 Eps to go

    Chuck Norris

    Is it just or there is someone else,It feels like I want to jackoff by just looking at Tj's 458 engine bay.

    Grims Souls

    Imagine Finishing the car and Taking it for it's first ride for it to get totaled by a commercial truck.


    it's good to have small friend 😀


    Oil is oil. As long as it meets the requirements from the manufacturer. On every quart of oil on the back there should be a list of the requirements it meets. If you are unsure if it meets the standards you can look on the oil companies website for a full list it meets. I have tried multiple brands throughout my time doing my own oil changes and I haven’t seen a difference between using big name brands versus cheaper house brands. I just make sure it meets the standards my engine requires. Hope this helps TJ!

    Aleksandar Borisavljevic

    The only thing i wanna say is:


    Kyle Roberts

    Time to get a custom fab vibrant Ti exhaust!

    Mohammed Iqbal

    Should have used mobile 1


    they're trying to act like its unintentional but yeah…they intend to give it an oil change

    Manny M
    Richard Casson


    Kyle Barns

    That car sounds amazing young man! Nice job on the car..

    flash more

    bro please get a stabiliser for the selfie stick!

    BetterAxis Photography

    oil is just oil, that is
    why we have viscosity ratings

    Orel .Garcia

    That was a shit load of smoke at 11:57


    A bit on the smokey side I think?

    Nestor Macias

    Good stuff brotha! OG for sure! ¡¡¡¡QUESTION!!!!!
    What system do you use for all your cars, to check out where everything goes like diagrams and how to get to parts.??? Or anyone for that matter what is a good system.

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