Thursday, March 23, 2023

My Ferrari 458 Italia is now COMPLETE!!!

Main My Ferrari 458 Italia is now COMPLETE!!!

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    Although the body is done there is still much to do! time to tidy up all the small pieces and try to get this beast on the road! You can subscribe to my channel for …

    pope86 pope

    mmmm those yellow hood hinges


    So its not complete.



    Reckless Motorsports

    DDE Collab would be cool

    Benjamin Pelletier

    TJ put clear bra on the headlights

    nBean Juice

    That car will never be right ..they never are I guarantee you that it will always have problems rather pay the extra if i was spending that sort of cash, and have one that had not been written off ..but i wish you luck

    Brenden Harley

    My favorite car is a 458 italia

    Epic veichle people

    what are you going to do with the car i would keep it if i was you


    Guys, those are some seriously ugly hats.

    james kpokou

    But they didn't do a complete repaint they slapped a wrap on it so under the wrap it looks like crap

    Miles Morgan

    I may have missed it in one of the episodes but. Door jams are still white?? Just wondering if they get some trim or if it was an oversight?

    jlehm 1982

    don't forget to refill the coolant! haha

    Dustin Hoppe

    Finished until you take the wrap off and it’s not painted

    Steven Gamez

    TJ needs to lay off the blow

    Ronniel Burgos

    5:30 Kreygasm

    Andys Adventures

    Why are these videos so dim/dark? My brightness is all the way up.


    "I didn't think it would be that big" that's what she said

    Renzo Mitra

    Man give calvin a thing he deserves for fixing that ferrari 😊


    Your a true legend

    CM Cruz

    btw, are you interested on a McLaren 650s spider front corner out and all arround scratches?


    Wide Body this car next year for the rolling 20's

    Chris Charlesworth

    Been following you guys for while started when Micky got the bad apple. Literally watch all your videos only have you guys on notifications… keep up the great work .. all the way from Manchester , UK.

    Eric Cartman

    #43 on trending

    Angie Slayton
    Jimmy C

    4:004:20 so many jump cuts

    Emily Doblanovic

    How much did this whole thing cost

    Emily Doblanovic

    Did they buy a old Ferrari and rebuild/remodel it

    Steven Noblin

    Looks so sweet!

    Sean Quirk

    7:02 that’s what she said

    Trent Risetter


    S M

    I literally found the map of a Ferrari 458 italia on google which exactly where everything goes. It took me like 5 minutes, these guys are lost because they’re going in it blind.

    Trinbago Gamer

    Why is it in a Lamborghini box lol

    Andrew G

    Thanks to this car I subscribe to your channel please do more videos like this and don’t sell this car!! 😂😄👍🏻

Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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