Saturday, March 25, 2023

My FIRST Euro Car!!!

Main My FIRST Euro Car!!!

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    Can’t believe I’m buying another car.. Wasn’t planning on it but I don’t think I can pass up such a sweet deal! Let me know what you guys think down in the …


    some say if u click the notification bell randy will like ur comment😳😳

    Kholofelo Kgagudi

    thanks for buying dis car cant wait to see what you do to dis car


    Kevin deserves that NSX❗️

    Jc Pudiquet

    randy iz my daddy

    mads petersen

    But that bmw motor in the datsun

    Abraham De marco

    Makes me miss my 87’ 325es, I fucked up😔


    welcome to the e30 life!
    dm me on insta if you want some help @_colebarry


    Euro bumper swap!!
    89+ headlight swap


    The “e” has lots of torque for the hp

    saeed flores

    Bruh ugly ass car no 🧢

    Edgar Gomez

    Just cop one of your decals 🙈🙈


    I’m excited bout this build !!

    Christopher Barinque

    How about, u take off all the sound dentonating, repaint the inside, and put the main parts of the interior u like. cough alpine white


    The thumb nail has a picture of a 2000 bmw me. The car you pick up is a 318. Completely different car…. how exactly is that a BMW m3?

    Nurullah goku

    My dream bimmer is a e30

    Noah Fuller

    How long before this one isn’t running?

    Nicoya Celebertti

    Nice project bro!!!


    How many likes on this comment for some free merch 🤔

    Jose Lozoya

    Post videos of the updates❗

    Shamar Scott

    Sonny:damn 2019? LMAO

    Jason Cabrera

    Jimmy Oakes

    Joseph Lugo

    bruh my dream car … sheeshhhh I wishhhhhhh


    New wheels and the car would look awesome👍👍👍

    Jeremy Zaya

    8:45 how tf did that car start on its own. Maybe I’m just stupid af

    Law rence

    Excited what he is about to do in this car

    Luke Walters


    F Sniper

    A real m3 was lhd never built them right hand drive

    Kyle Espiritu

    I’m so hyped for this type of content

    Avery Flores

    put your seat belt on boy

    Anthony hancock

    Pile of junk 🤣🤣🤣

    Craig Hutchinson

    sweet choice i have 3 of them they want let you down

    Elijuah Vera

    So savage!😂🔥


    welcome to the e30 family! whatever you do, DO NOT get rid of the metal bumpers. Everyone hates on them

    Noah Lackey

    already gonna need a bigger garage

    ya boi

    @Jm_e30motorsports on IG has hella E30 parts

    Wesley Chicas

    Haven't been watching the channel as much lately, life shit, but damn is it good to see where its come from. I remember seeing the exhaust comparison from the 2 s2ks. Happy to see everyone and especially Randy be the same guy as before. Keep it up <3

    Ls Crazed

    I had a 1990 e30 and hands down was my favourite car
    Driving wise and burnouts

Viewing 38 posts - 1 through 38 (of 38 total)
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