Wednesday, March 29, 2023



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    Sad day for the gtr. huge downgrade… Get your merch! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Edward Vasquez

    What happened to your 20 hp Miata

    wuz beast

    cop an s2000 bro!!!!!!! i’d love seeing content on that car!!!


    Think I'm gonna go change my transmission fluid now…


    New tranny.. rebuilt w.e, and go single turbo already , that lag and such high rpm , plus get some brakes already

    Erick Nunez

    “Is it savable”

    Brett Cherubini

    My cuzzo got his wrx tuned at efi🤘🤘

    Officer Domo

    Such a junk gtr. My mustang is better 😂


    yo great editing at 15:34 when tommy made the face and you zoomed in. thats the kind of stuff that makes videos in general just a bit more special

    muddin bros

    Ask tommy what happened to the Coil pack sticker money he was supposed to give u

    Grant Hawtree

    Poppa Tom needs to turn of the tv, sit down with his adopted special needs son Rudneil and start hitting him

    Mikey O

    What’s up with the will and being high jokes haha they’re funny as all hell haha


    Them going over the bridge is the funniest rookies fail I’ve ever seen in my life

    wish bone

    chris also wants a 3000gt vr4 he just forgot to mention that..sorry for the confusion!

    The Adventure Of Life

    I've got an NB miata for sale in ohio look on offer up!

    Pj LVsq

    Pump ur clutch twice real quick stops the grind on nissans or dont pht thr clutch to the floor

    Sneaker Head Jay

    flush it again

    DaYz Phantom

    You should just single turbo it

    Modify Or Die

    Sure its not atf? Mine was full of ATF, grinded hard through the gears. All good with proper gear oil now.

    Chad Tipoki Moyle

    You want a Running RB? Ditch the Bottom end. Run a rb30e block with the 26 head, single turbo, 1000cc injectors. Haltech ecu. MORE TORQUE AND HP. They make well over 1000 atw.

    Seriously dude, sell ya car. What you did to 4th gear kills me. No respect for the GTR

    MSEngineering David

    Hey is it not your ethanol content the analyzer is specifically for adjusting the tune on the fly… stop coming up with excuses and fix your pile of trash.

    MSEngineering David

    Hey dumbass you have a haltech go C02 boost control and keep your waste gate shut until needed all your cars are all straight trash rudimentary bullshit setups.

    Aaron Searle

    U should take it to Pfi where kyle has his shop ? Rudnik

    kene eye

    6:54 Is your rack leaking? Look at your boot.

    jarred culley

    Freakin tommy goes in on will lol that's cool though after not seeing will in vids for a while that he's getting more into cars and works at a shop now

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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