Monday, March 27, 2023

My JZX100's first crash…

Main My JZX100's first crash…

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    We had the honor of being the first drifters at Indie Motorsports Ranch and it was definitely a very cool experience! Poor chaser tho… And poor Mike… hehe …

    Fyz Gamer

    Dayum i wish i coule have one
    Lucky i just have adam lz 180sx in hashiriya drifter game hehe

    Jonathan Ramcharitar

    The car at 8:22 🥴

    Viktor Kocev

    6:51 For everyone that is too lazy to watch the whole video

    Street Veterans


    Hollis Galloway

    these edits… keep this guy

    Alexander Grullon

    Isn’t there jzx100 in Dubai?

    Trevor Hobbs

    Get a LFa

    Jeff Duncan

    Loving watching your videos with the extra production value, Mike def does some pretty nice work!


    Amazing place, really, in middle of nowhere.

    Gopherchucks Games

    Are JZX100's not allowed in Dubai?

    Gopherchucks Games

    Common Adam all these sick cars but no leaf blower to dry them safely?

    Robert Allen

    Have fun out there

    A happy Bambi

    2nd crash…

    Liju R

    8:20 that sound in the background…RB26?




    Aaaah, just a scratch 😂🤣

    Pheng Bun

    Was the skyline not in the ideal condition to bring for the event?


    Watch some videos of South Africans "spinning " you will see how they get in and out of the car while spinning

    Max McGadney

    3:42 that kid is a savage


    Welded diff???

    Jeremy Ryan

    Damn, I live about 20 min away and didn’t know you were there😔

    Augustin CHAMPAGNE

    Yeah Axel who get out of the JZX when you're drifting ! 😂😂

    Crazy ! Keep it up

    Princell Van Louie Imaysay

    Luke's fault 😂😂

    Princell Van Louie Imaysay

    Parts can be replaced bro.. human parts can not be🤘

    D.I.Y Automotive

    Your car leans when your drifting!!

    Keariki’i Bélard

    Edits are sick, keep mike doing them, not that yours were bad, but love the way he's doing it ! And you will have more time for you

    Jvon Green

    16:40 Its the hardest shit ive seen on YT lol. Can't believe I seen it here tbh

    Jimmy Creedog

    Spoiler jump 6:49 🙂

    galaxymikey 77

    aww im sorry man things hapen but its a drift car

    Jimmy Hartz

    Now that Toyota is back in video games (Forza Horizon) , this makes me really want them to add a Chaser into the game.


    that transition face at 13:40

    codi ferguson

    New element for the jzx100

    Nathan Smetheram

    these new cinematic scenes with these beats are hard, im loving it!!!

    Stephen Rudolph

    235 wont fit on my fenders hahhahaha and u look at the camera like a girl after u said it

    Prescott Majette

    Can someone tell me the outro song? It sounds so familiar, but I cant put my finger on it.

    Kavan Cooney

    Thank you for saying where you were at the end, I knew that area looked so familiar!

    chipollino vafunculo

    Poor chaser…. disrespectful owner….your always ruining cars….

    DJ Atomic5

    Inde is the track where I always take my car out for track days! Its 4 hours away from me but its awesome to see you out at the track I go to! So now I'll know next time i go and i see all the new skid marks, I'll know it was from you guys!

    Jonny D

    What type of window tints does he have?

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