Saturday, March 25, 2023

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    Hello, everyone, this video is so special because I have My New Car . I hope you guys enjoyed this video sorry if I’m bad at this ill try and improve drop a like if …

    Tudor Voicu

    600000 subscribers!!!!!

    AHR Red

    Car meet and vlog video next time?


    beautiful sleeper mate, have you planned any mods?

    Dexter Sullen ‘TRUTH’

    Its really nice car but I think alot people expected you can do better like a r8/rs7

    Kevin Guadarrama Rodríguez

    Man… Someday a can made the money to have one!. (Recent prospect graduate from medical… Nice choice dude👌

    none of your buisness Seriously

    Nice camera shot what drone do you have? Also what drone you recommend for beginner?


    I’m be honest I wasn’t expecting this car that RS3 is sick. Congrats and I might lease this car next


    Your english is baaaaaaad(your car too, fuck sudi, love mercedes)

    Marvin Stayhigh

    Audi love😍😍❤️

    Alan V6

    Dobrý výber.

    Tim of free thought

    Look at me ,look at me . Not you officer !

    Brandon Payne

    Out of an RS Audi, AMG Mercedes, or M Series BMW, what’s your all’s favorite? I love the sound of an AMG first but they’re all great cars. The Audi sounds amazing to with the pops.


    I love how you got this famous, for just finding content nobody else made.
    Keep going with what you are doing.


    Wow very nice car I didn’t realize how large this channel has grown great job👍🏼

    Baden Air Traffic

    fast one 🙂 congratulations👍

    Ian Norton

    Hot hatch? Looks like it has a boot to me.
    Sorry, trunk.

    Superdriver Driver 2

    To jsem ani netušil, že seš ze Slovenska 😃


    nice ride

    Aaron Burr Atwood.

    Damn, that is an absolute gem my friend. The classy sleeper, looks like a businessman drives it THAN it takes off like a 🚀 rocket. Beautiful sight & sound.

    Branislav Berec

    Wow, yes

    Metal Head 420

    Drive it like you stole it!!!…😎🤣

    Andrei Paraschiv

    Nice car mate . You have good tasets


    RS powaaaa' ❤

    Random NiBBa

    Ugh Audi

    Full Throttle

    Nice car mate. Is youtube your only job?

    Brain Engine

    also check my channel

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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