Wednesday, March 29, 2023

MY NEW WHEEL SPONSOR! (1 of 1 custom wheel)

Main MY NEW WHEEL SPONSOR! (1 of 1 custom wheel)

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    You guys have known the entire time who my new wheel sponsor is. It’s no secret for my OG subscribers. I want to thank you guys for always supporting me in …


    From Kevin’s house to getting a whole warehouse to getting sponsorships from work … You guys really came a long way

    Chad Daarud

    Those are the sickest wheels ever!

    Gary Harris

    You deserve it bro, major congrats! Keep up the great work and keep moving forward!

    John Valencia

    Damm!! That work wheels is lit 🔥😍 congrats brother you came a long way 🤙🏻

    sherwin quintal

    Bruh, love WORK wheels.


    Now this is crazy! Congrats bro.

    Jared McDaniel

    The 100 people who disliked this are just jealous Randy got sponsored by the dopest wheel company

    nathanandsams bmxvideos

    Wheels are pure porn and so glad your getting up there and congrats on the sponsorship from work

    zach adams

    !!! ILLIMINATE !!!
    Congratulations on your achievement 🎉🎉🎉🎉
    You guys create such dope content and truely deserve your WORK WHEELS sponsor.
    Those wheels will look so sick on the GTR..
    I really enjoy every video you create and look forward to seeing what the future brings you all.
    I cant wait for my collab merch to arrive and hopefully hopefully win the giveaway.
    I wish you all the best for your future and hopefully meet you soon.
    love from your homie ZACH.A in
    New Zealand

    M56Twiz 3

    Sick wheels can’t wait to see them on the gtr congrats 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kenan Ebrahim

    Well shit, fly me out then 🛫✈️🤣🤣🤣

    Reckless Senses

    10:50 bottom right.

    FoxTrot –

    My dream rims 😍 I'm not gonna win but ima buy some shit

    Paul Subie

    Dude if I win that wheels and I dun have a car, I’ll put it in my gold locker

    Enrique Alvarez

    Work emitz on the gts??🤷🏽‍♂️ #ballerstaus


    I think those wheels fit my car

    Lester Olitres

    Wazzup sir 😊 I've been watching your vlogs for a couple of months, its very nice 😍💕👌 even though i don't have a car i love all your cars 😍😍 and im very proud that you have a FILIPINO member 😊 congrats and god bless you all keep it 💪💪👌

    Cristian Zavala

    Congrats randy!!!!👍🏻 Keep up the grind #illiminate


    Used to love this channel and look forward to uploads but it's gone to mainstream imo..nonetheless congrats

    Sven Koch

    wow you can be so proud off yourselfe

    Reece Benton

    I don’t like chrome wheels. Like at all. But those are cool. Wouldn’t have them myself tho

    Janick_5zyl Turbo

    Nice I congrats you for this nice Sponsor ship👍🏻
    I also have a question about the giveaway:
    Im from Switzerland🇨🇭 so can i also get this wheels and can the winner chose the Bolt patter?

    Keep it up

    Igno Brolis

    * 1 of 2 custom wheel

    Christopher Justin

    Always CLEAN

    Carlos Rodriguez

    I don’t ever enter giveaways but this one was a must

    Brandon Chong

    Work rims look sick


    I love the new Wheels, congratulations to your new sponsor and keep looking in the front window dont ever look back <3

    Against_All _Oddz

    Illiminate deserve this sponsorship!! Been watching y’all since day one and y’all came a long way!!

    Jerick Agustin

    Congrats illiminate gang… so happy for you guys.. BALLER!!

    Francisco Resendiz

    🤯Dam thats bad ass

    Joshua Soto

    Did anyone else say bless you when the dog sneezed

    Jonny Tran

    Congrats homie!!!

    Yazid Nur Adile

    Congratulations man. Can't wait to see your S13 and R32 drift machines.


    Sold out in a day mark my words!!!!


    Soooooooo crazy I was telling my girlfriend the exact type of rim I would hope u picked out 5 spoke with illiminate ingraved rim….. imma sign up for sure

    Young Recklezz

    Did u replace Roy randy damn


    actually insane.


    Bro I just can’t gather enough words to say thank you for motivating each one of us‼️ I literally started my YouTube channel after I met the illiminate channel🔥 YOU GUYS ARE TRULY AMAZING‼️‼️ CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION MAN. I might be just a BIG supporter, but I’m really hoping I make it big. So one day I can hangout with you guys and maybe Collab. No one ever really believes in me except my mom. But it’s ok because with your motivation and my moms. It makes me feel so powerful‼️ I know I’m making this so long but I really do appreciate you guys. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SPONSORSHIP. I hope nothing but the BEST for you guys‼️🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Kmrl Fxzrn

    so my guess is true haha

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