Saturday, March 25, 2023

My Raptor is Back?! This Time With a Whipple and 725WHP!!! (Burnouts Included)

Main My Raptor is Back?! This Time With a Whipple and 725WHP!!! (Burnouts Included)

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    Zachary Turner

    I'm stupid jealous.


    Where u poop while doing the voice over?

    Barry Bentley

    Those launches were killing me, you guys were funny as hell


    No one:

    Mike: does 120 on crowded highway

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Good videos man keep up the great work tho


    Check out Beechmont Ford for all of your Ford needs! Supercharged 700hp F150 and Mustang packages starting at ONLY $39900… With a warranty!

    Street Speed 717

    Forgot to add: These are tuned by Lund Racing! Hope you guys are loving all the truck content! We have a Duramax update comin at ya tomorrow and a BIG Blazer update after that… Stay tuned! Also, here's a link for the truck if anybody is interested in one-–39-995.htm

    Pepe Suess
    Jeremy Bryant

    Grandpa vette isn’t happening is it?

    Christopher Chavira

    Holy πŸ„ that is insane! What is the top speed I see it’s more then 120. Great video

    Paul Martin

    Not a ford guy but that thing looks like a blast.

    Water 8962

    Pushed like at the first burn out. I will never grow up.


    I think i found a replacement for my Taurus SHO lol.

    michael campos

    i want one need to ship to Canada

    Dylan Chalmers

    @Street Speed 717 you should compare a 700hp mustang to a 707 hp hellcat to see which one has more speed.

    cl m

    Ive never seen a speedo climb that fast on any vehicle in my life. Wtf ??

    Richard Cao

    "my raptoir is back, but it's not really my raptor, but i call it mine so i can trick people"

    El Sauco

    You change it was 700 now it 725

    bulmaro rosales

    Looks ugly af why lower a 4×4

    Mr.Unknown Cali-Life

    Sick truck but for me 40k extra to much haha

    Your Daddy

    This is a must buy

    dm spe

    who else pronounces roush like roosh ?

    No just me i guess

    R/T Ghost 13

    It would be sooooo much better if it was regular cab and without the fender flares. Still very impressive..

    Noah Jones

    Still rather have a supercharged tundra

    nino g

    Oh my God I gotta get me one of these πŸ˜‚

    Jason Loria

    Looks like garbage. Who would lower a 4×4.

    Angel S Rivera Jr

    I have solved my dilemma on what vehicle I should buy for the dreaded midlife crisis. Problem is, I'd head right to Hartstrait Rd. and lose my license. Forever. Within 10 minutes

    Armando Gonzalez

    I need one of those air fresheners

    pizza with pineapple crust

    Beechmont is like the modern day shelby or yenko. Good for them, this and the mustang will be really cool collector pieces someday

    Michael Barajas

    I already only get 8 mpg in my truck because of the way I drive I would get like 3 in this one and plenty of tickets


    That's one fast ass F150 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘Œ

    dont ask

    Dude, Mike is the only guy who actually floors the truck in his review, all the other reviews on this Roushe F-150 are just yapping and driving it like its a Camry.

    phaze ho

    Nothing more stupid than a lowered 4wd


    To be honest, i’m not the ford kind of guy but damm that truck looks and sounds NICE!!!πŸ‘

    Richie V

    Since when did we start calling modified F150s Raptors?? nothing I hate more than that.


    One of your best videos, yet! Could not stop smiling, while watching ya'll having mucho fun!

    Jeffrey Kaminski

    Uh yeah. As usual, another ridiculous come-on.

    Pedro Vega

    Damn! Need that truck! Awesome vid Mike, cant believe you can buy this with a warranty, were do I sign! Got to get one Mike!

    Dominic Bowers


    Joshuah Douglas

    Grandpa is like my dad… left and never came back..:

    Jessie Cox

    Where is the raptor you bought

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