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    Use code ‘tj10’ and get $$$ off at You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my Ferrari …

    Michael Suarez

    TJ you say you read all of the comments. I've been a viewer for a few months love the content and ps I appreciate the zoom and the FOV

    Juan Cantero

    The batmobile is back

    David Aames

    Kalvin should do a molded wide body kit.


    when u do the exact same thing with all your cars -.- be original lmao

    Break Wave

    Calv was STYLIN' in this vid. Low key a fit god

    farbod pendarian

    consider ordering new wheels TJ…!!! there must be a better fitment for rims and tires on this car

    The McNutters

    Tj you should build a dodge viper


    shoulda gone with a 3950x!

    Sean-Paul Woolcock

    Calv been rocking dat BIG DRIP


    TJ saying motion sensors makes me cringe every time. they dont sense motion or every time you move it would beep.

    Khris Moncayo

    You should try to do a Collaboration with fast an furious for hans new supra to run the street hunter kit !!!!!!


    Shout out to Calvin's finished wide body Supra 2030 style 🤣

    William Gonder

    I9 9900K ???? WHY

    Mashe Nathan

    650w psu is not really that impressive

    Happy Gilmore

    Nice add on but sounds like crap though.

    Adam poole

    TJ you played your self RIP

    Thicc Dade

    didnt even go ryzen smh

    dead monk

    U mean not complete since it aint completely complete, right?

    Johnathan Ramirez

    Did I just see his A80 parked at SOS? 🤔

    Mateusz Wójcik

    I think this car looks better without spoiler


    Looking good, waiting to see the Supra done 👍

    Abinash Pattanaik

    I am here after watching Han's orange supra in fast9 trailer!!

    Derek Elliott

    WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US YOU WERE GETTING A C8??? Thanks StreetSpeed❤😡

    David Cheng

    U should have gotten z390e strix


    paint it black

    carter jones

    next up all molded supra?

    Michael Hayes

    mould them asap

    Kevin Berdugo

    Is it true TJ hunt and Lindsay Gordon had a thing? Sabrina is no longer following her on Instagram and neither are Sabrina friends.

    Octane Overdrive

    Stop texting and driving TJ!

    Nathan van Sickle

    Whenever I watch this channel they are always finishing things but never get anything completed

    Eddie Dejesus

    Would you sponsor A viewer? Would be nice, and cool. Im A UTI student, and i don't have the money towards car parts because of school. Please think about it. Just wheel, and minor things, maybe A body kit o two, would be nice. Mr. Tj santa.

    Riffa Riley

    I think he could do a better wheel choice though.


    When the Supra comes back from paint, will the whole car be painted green…?

    GP Bobcat

    Calvin be like CEO of Bruno Mars look alike

    Logan Fafinski

    Calvin saying “Let me explain” is always my favorite part of the video. He knows so much about the most random stuff and his explanations are amazing

Viewing 36 posts - 1 through 36 (of 36 total)
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