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    ricky brickey

    😂that's awesome

    Ancient Ruins Official

    StangMode is living the life😎🤘🇺🇸

    Jay Simpson

    Let your wife win. You already won having that car and such a beautiful wife.

    Black 5.0

    Do you go faster with traction control off?

    Destroyer Grey Productions

    This shit is so CUTE!! I love it!!

    Mustang Guru

    You know that she is gonna want her own car to race now, right? You started something you can’t stop. Hahahaha

    Vacation At The Beach

    She funny bad ass man keep making vids with wifey good chemistry God bless

    Captain CJ 97

    This was great

    Žydrūnas Savickas

    i' m so used to running 11.5s in the cool spring air i'm scared how slow the cars going to be in the heat

    Roscoe p Coltrane

    The smile on her face was awesome. You might have to let her have the mamba. Looks like she is a natural.

    Matt Shorty Wells

    This video’s great! 👍 Congratulations to Wifey!

    calif_stang gt

    Why don't you do a review on the roush mustang? Your all over the Shelby with its huge horsepower, but 18/19 roush puts out huge power, and handles with best of them on the track, but yet I never see you or good ole Zander doing any reviews on these cars!

    Mark Sipes

    You have to have her in more videos. such a delightful young lady..

    Derrick Goodwin

    Mrs Stangmode vs Mrs Rt Life 😃👍


    11s are damn good
    Stangs,crazy,.lmao he wants better scores

    Rod Malone

    Awesome! You lucky #@$&&.

    Wayne Angrick

    Having Mrs. Stangmode in the channel is a great idea. You guys make a great team.


    Dude with an automatic transmission what do you expect? Especially on a prepped surface.


    Your Wife Gangster in the most respectful way. That was a awesome video Don't think about it Just be about it. Car looks sick keep up with the great content. God Speed

    mrgee six

    Deffz batting above mate.

    Luis Rivera

    Hey friend, great car and woman. What upgrades have you done to your car Green Mamba? I'm new to Mustangs, have 2018 GT with the Roush supercharger, BC Racing coilovers (lowered it a inch or so) and MBRP cat back exhaust. Crazy fast but I've never raced or tacked it. What do you think I should expect.

    chad ntm

    bruh please… she beat because her lunches were better 😛 you were spinning like crazy lol

    Robby Turbo

    Your wife is so cute!!!


    “Oh my god I sound like my 7 year old” LOL!!! Great job, Stangmode family.

    Jorge Rodriguez

    Suerte stangmode y la verdad eso que ah su esposa le gusta el deporte muncho mejor…. ojalá uno de estos días le eche la vuelta por aqueos rumbos del estado.. bendiciones!!!✌🏼

    Some Dude

    This was AWESOME dude. I’m a camaro guy but this has inspired me to do some track time with my wife😎. Nothing like sharing your passion with your partner in life. That rocks like nothing else. Congratulations to you both and I want to see you post more like this.


    no offense, but the human mind and body to foot reaction is about the most technical thing I've ever heard you say. lol

    MUSTANG 5.0

    Look out! Mrs mode is about to trade that fusion for a gt350! Can’t believe you didn’t make this video sooner.

    Ben Morgan

    This was awesome you may have started something tho 😂😂

    Blaine Houser

    Awesome! Don’t Think about it Just Be About It!! Great Line!

    Tim Ransom

    Wow your wife did real good man I like on the second pass how she had the guts and she held it down she didn't back out of it that even got me a little emotional way to go keep dragan..

    Andrew Nickel

    Gorgeous wife brobro ,she on fleek!!!!! That mustang tho OMG She is also beautiful!!!!!!


    Man, hell yeah! She did awesome! Been tryin to get my wife to try drag racing for awhile now, but can't talk her into it. Great video, sent it to my wife! Lol


    I'm so jealous of you , man this was awesome and you can have even more fun now that you have wifey involved in racing and you can see she has the bug she's loving it ,this was great for you channel!

Viewing 35 posts - 1 through 35 (of 35 total)
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