Wednesday, March 29, 2023



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    Matthew Vaughn

    Fuck ya


    Heck yeah!!!

    Daniel M

    Antwon is such a user and clout chaser !

    Dominic Robertson

    I enjoyed that we need more Anton videos

    Bridget Dinardi

    There’s some guy in upstate ny and he daily’s a crazy truck like this with a trump 2020 flag..that’s hard R status

    Rory Hammitt

    Looking forward to more of his content

    Max Power

    I like


    I've never been more sad to see a video.

    Liam McNichol

    Anton needs a GoPro

    zer0 racing

    Gotta camo paint that thing


    Fuck Golden Corral

    Oddly Me

    Chris got out of the Fleetstar shitting bricks Anton got out happiest man alive, conclusion – Chris a pussy.


    Loved Anton's video! Good idea


    Get a cheap selfie stick to hold your phone farther away to improve the view ✌ !!


    That was sick he should do more

    Greg Tank Johnson

    Great video

    Adrian Kris

    fuck yea Anton

    andrew minon

    Hard ER is back in business

    Driveway Marvels

    Dude that truck is awesome. Anyone in a newer truck sees that and feels like Mickey mouse. lol


    Hell yeah Anton!

    Josh Terr

    Stop hating on the quality. A least we got to see Anton Keep up the. Videos Chris and Anton Ct to fl baby #junk


    Exhaust sounds outside of my window:

    Me 1:20

    Jt’s GST

    We need more black people on this channel

    Rafael Hernandez

    Deff fuck with it lmao anton did awesome just need to adjust the android film quality to an iPhone or a go pro

    Jonathan Cano

    He was good he’s learning nobody perfect

    Ernestas Andrijaitis

    I liked it

    PNW B5

    i think the idea of anton getting his own channel isnt the best idea because he doesnt have the content to post enought to hold subs, i think posting on here once a week is a sick idea because it should give chris a day off essentially and give anton time to make a decent length update vlog at the same time.


    homie needs his own channel

    DAN GT500 VR

    Anton u did a fantastic job on this video I hope we get to see a lot more of them 👍👍👍👍

    Reid Templeton

    Man everyone out here bitching about the camera quality but tbh its a really cozy nostalgic feel to it. It feels like youtube back in the day.

    Colin Smith

    "cruising down the road in my fleet – star, picking up bitches… not really, we're going to pick up a fucking quad though!"
    – Anton

    Jake Cummings

    Who tf cut Anton’s hair😂


    this is the most damn right murican video ive ever seen

    Donnelle Griffin

    Anton should totally start his own Channel. Even if he has to start out with his phone he definitely retains my attention, just like Chris does. Great job Anton!!! 😎✌

    J. Eanes

    Chris…don't….please don't

Viewing 36 posts - 1 through 36 (of 36 total)
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