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NAVIGATOR BEWARE! — 2021 Cadillac Escalade Platinum: First Look

Main NAVIGATOR BEWARE! — 2021 Cadillac Escalade Platinum: First Look

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    Let’s take a FIRST LOOK at the ALL-NEW 2021 Cadillac Escalade Platinum and Cadillac Escalade Sport! It just earlier this evening, and will be the largest and …

    Pat Mason Mason

    They may look nice but shitty craftsmanship GM creek's squeaks and oil leaks on top ugly as hell. Lincoln looks better and rides better and electronics don't go to shit like GM.

    Benjamin Patton

    Looks nice


    Don't know what all the fuss is about… this thing is ugly, and it's styling is wayyyyyy too close to the new Tahoe. This reminds me of the 1st Escalade which was a lightly tarted up Chevy

    John Smelt

    The white one

    Ricardo Mijares

    Never heard anyone say, "Rides like a Lincoln"


    iT looks like chevy with Caddy badget

    Juan Anes

    Finally a good design from Scalade. Why did it take so many years to do it

    Dragon Jovanovic

    Here comes another BOX with wheels !

    Indigenous DNA

    The "New" Escalade looks very cheap….it's just a Tahoe with a face lift and a Cadillac badge.

    Paul Is

    The exterior looks a mess no simplicity what so ever


    IMO the navigator is safe. It’s in a league of its own and will age gracefully. This will not but is a nice improvement inside.


    I like the old exterior way better

    Ray Charron

    I want a red one.


    It's a 2013 Ford edge…trying to charge$70k..I can get a 2013Ford edge for $11k 50k miles.. WOW ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

    Jerry Miller

    Looks amazing.


    I’d love a real back seat.

    The kids in Africa

    Dot really care for the exterior or interior. Still rather the navigator

    Ivan Litus

    Navigator has nothing to worry about, this is freaking ugly!

    gorams csu

    I want it!

    Flavio Costa

    Cadillac ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    frank mariano

    I was hoping Cadillac would not use those same skinny vertical taillights. The Chevrolet Tahoe has a better design.

    Joaquin Anand


    You Quite In Public

    Am i the only one who thinks it’s fugly?

    david de la tiare

    shiet car DO NOT BUY. lost ur money

    Remote Expedition

    I definitely like the grill on the sports model. An excellent cross between masculinity and sophistication. I had just about given up on US auto manufacturers as leaning to heavily to feminine styling. Some relief at last.

    Wavy Winsday

    I’d prefer Luxury exterior! Sport is nice but Luxury all the way!

    Wavy Winsday

    I know Bernie Mac would have one of these sitting in his Drive way if he was still here!


    My new favorite SUV hands down

    Samuel Mwangi

    I love the exterior. Its classy and unique.

    X-WINGER channel

    uhh whats a navigator and why do it have to beware oh is the navigator that car that tried to kill the escalade name but the escalade got stronger and kill the gator right


    Hell ya. Outstanding Job GM! I LOVE IT ESPECIALLY THE INTERIOR

    Chosen One


    Willie Bender

    Not sure how I feel about the front end but interior is straight from bmw and the s class

    Big Javi

    ItS aLL GooD!.!.!.!.!

    Tank Wilson

    Nice but for damn sure not worth $100,000. Trust if 2020 Platinum version was that much trust this will be if not way more. I'm good

    Jorge Sanchez

    Sport all the way!!


    Its a really big upgrade
    But i feel like this is more of a cheap car because the other one you could off road in and it felt robust

    Andy Kim

    Lincoln had a big head start but Cadillac finished with the glory.

    Gary Smith


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