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NB Mazda Miata | EP3 Miata Slow Evolution

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    In 2019 the Mazda Miata has existed for 30 years, in part 3 of the documentary series we look at the NB Miata, originally on sale in 1998. We discuss and review …

    Phil C. π

    The original sneaker pimps tune would have been a better fit, doing a review of a car from that period. Purist life. Miss my 90mx5


    …an emotional feeling you get inside…?…crazy…

    im miata mike

    These types of videos end up hitting a million+ views over a few years. Just takes a little time.


    I have to stop watching these, my wife’s going to kill me when I run out and buy a Miata


    im glad that the nb shares so much with the na. hardtops, a arms, coilovers, brakes, wheels/tires all pretty much work on 90-05 so it sort of ties that whole community together. i love my nb. so much so that after i rolled it i still really cant think of a reason to buy another car. its got a few (large) dents but other than that its the same great car and i wouldnt want anything that doesnt cost at least 10 times more.

    Michael Vachon

    I became familiar with the MX5 when my older Sister bought a NA model. While I thought it was fun to drive, there was too much I found lacking, from the under powered 1.6L engine to the tinny door panels and what I thought was a rough ride. I later came across a used NB model ('02 LS model) and took it for a test drive. It felt light years ahead of the NA. I loved the improved body styling, the interior is a work of art (I just can't stop admiring the lines of that dash panel). I'm also a sucker for white-face gauges. So I bought it. 10+ years later, this thing has been a dream to own. Because I live in New England, the car gets to hibernate between November and April, which I'm sure contributes to it's longevity, but during the summer this car is just non-stop fun to drive. Mine is silver, but with the same black over tan color interior as the model shown in this video. I've looked at the NC and the ND, but have no motivation to trade up to either of those. The NB isn't perfect – the electrical system makes me chuckle (simply hitting the power window button causes the headlamps to dim just a tad); pulling the top up from the driver's seat is a challenge; and I don't think I'd ever win a drag race with it, but again, it's just so damn fun to drive. I compare it with driving a go-cart when I was a kid. Thank you Mazda!

    Cameron Newman

    Ah man I'm loving this docu-series.. unfortunately the pilot bearing on my clutch just went out this week and I'm pretty sure it's leaking engine oil internally.. I'm afraid its days might be numbered 🙁

    RIP Blueberry. You were kind of a turd, but what an incredible turd you were.

    Oskier Gazowanykoń

    A bit short but thank you for keeping the best from NA and adding only cool stuff to it like the lifted trunk/boot end looking kind of like a duck tale I love my NB and it's my favourite miata/mx5 Nd lands on second place and NA / NC2 are on 3rd


    NB body style looks pretty good.
    Leaps and bounds from the NA.
    Nice job Mr Goose.
    Any chance we can get an update on what Scott has been up to?

    Suzanne Hardesty

    According to my dad, the wider stance, 1.8 torque, and updated airbags made the NB an ideal two-seater to gift my son as his first car.


    Love my NB

    Read Zechariah 12:10

    The na door handles were far superior, the NB door handles look like they'd be on belong on a Chevette.

    Read Zechariah 12:10

    I used my na Miata to replace my motorcycle. Relatively speaking it was a lot safer, much better in the rain, much cooler in the Summer with the air conditioning, and one heck of a lot of fun to drive. You could wring its neck and not exceed 50 miles an hour. I loved it.

    Read Zechariah 12:10

    The NA has great steering, I don't know what you're talkin about.


    Well said, the purity of concept.


    Just minor note. It is little bit disorienting when interviewee jumps looking from left to right and back again. Usually not happening in other interview videos.


    I bought my NB in Nov 1999 and daily drove it for the next 18 years up here in the snowy Great White North. I cannot say enough good things about that car. It was so much fun to drive, and so reliable and inexpensive too. It never failed to put a smile on my face. I traded it in on a 6MT Mazda6 sedan, which I also enjoy, but I wouldn't be surprised if I buy another MX-5 Miata in the future.


    Literally gonna grab another NB soon love miatas #MIATADAILY


    I have an NB and I always enjoy it when I get on it and drive it

    miguel garcia

    Gracias por los vidios , el nb está cojiendo fuerza tanto como el na, y son queridos tambien en España , entre los jovenes.


    It really is to bad these things rust away to quickly


    i kinda like NB more than the ND, until the recent ND2


    Please do the NC miata its not loved enough like the NA and NB are but still a good car and fun to drive.


    That is truly an awful colour. Baby poo brown.

    Siu Wong

    Mr. Savagegeese did it again!! Well done!!!

    Bob Van Dell II

    No….. it's over… I want more NB footage and rolling action shots.

    Evory Dejbighöt

    Gender count update: still 2.

    David Collier

    Bought a 99 a few years ago from an older gentleman for about 3 grand. Put over 100k miles on it and only had to replace a radiator (which i found on ebay for 40 bucks) and the tires. This is far and away the best car purchase Ive ever made, and my appreciation for it continues to grow. Shes a gem! Thanks so much for producing this series and giving us loving miata owners insight into the design process.


    Pop-up killer! Pop-up killer!

    I'm not sure what the test driver's issue is with the responsiveness between the NA and NB. I think the biggest two variables between the cars he drove are wheel diameter (or thin sidewalls) and whether or not the car had a quicker ratio with the power steering rack.

    My NA has power steering, stock suspension, and 15×6's from an NB and the response is fantastic!

    Nitpicks aside, thanks, Savagegeese! These Miata specials have been fantastic!

    Arthur Wall

    Mr. Geese, these videos are so high quality, even cable worthy. I'm really enjoying this series

    Gnote 4

    so THAT's why the nb looks like a baby viper

    Floyd Waters

    Mark, when are you gonna go on the JRE? You surely deserve the exposure, you really are becoming the best car guyer on the tube !


    Nota bene.

    Dom Lipski

    The back camera angle really shows that its a fun car to drive. Looks like you can throw it around at pretty low speeds and enjoy nimble steering. I'll be looking at a weekend car in a few years and this is awesome bang for buck!


    can you bring  Albert . B (Hyundai)    or Peter .S ( kia )  to your show  as well ?

    Robin Smith

    I could not touch if I wanted to.


    u gonna review the new audi rs6?

    m m

    Part 2 of the series. Thanks Goose. Uzips.

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