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Never Bring Your Car to Walmart

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    Never Bring Your Car to Walmart, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. People of Walmart that work on your car. Walmart fails. Should I go to Walmart for car …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:

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    I one time witness a worker pour transmission fluid in someone engine oil and that was embarrassing, but now they are checking their employees, I think.

    Trevor Draper

    I need to grab a beer with Scotty

    Morgan Freeman

    Last time I went to Walmart I got my oil changed and they didn't even fully screw in the protective cover under my car I get on the highway and it just falls off


    They keyed my mom's car at Walmart after she complained because they left the interior of the car dirty. This was back in 2002…no one in my family has ever taken their vehicle to walmart since.

    Johnny Vegas

    i don't even want to get started with all the issues I have had with 2 separate oil changes. I didn't get what I paid for just to keep it short and simple.

    Thatgigglebush 422

    Anybody else see the dab pen at 2:32

    6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys

    Sister had to return 4 times to tires plus, tire was defective, leaked, just blamed her, and changed valve finally fixed it a family garage! They wouldn’t replace it at tires plus! Walmart was only place sold the silicon wiper Scotty said are the best! Out of stock, when went, F Walmart!


    Well, i have had good luck with tires at Walmart, best cheap tires

    Austin Rivers

    3:58 "when you're as big as Wal-mart"


    I hope to meet you some day Scotty! Love all your videos! I have a incredible auto shop near by.


    Sam Walton is still spinning in his grave seeing how his stores only sell cheap chinese crap, when they can..

    Steve Michael

    Even if walmart was the last garage left in the world I still wouldn't take my car there. I'd force myself to fix the car myself.


    Scotty, love your channel but I have to correct you on the bmw scan tool, all you need is an OBD reader with bimmerlink phone app and you can reset any bmw or mini new battery. It doesn’t require $5000 scan tool.

    Greg Lees

    🤣😂🤣😂. “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    DD DDD

    I went there for oil change but end up with flat tire


    I took my car there for an oil change. They did not torque the oil filter correctly. All the oil drained out of my car. I'm very very lucky that my engine did not die.

    Yazan Sakran

    Scotty is awesome


    They sell tires. They have competitive prices on tires.7:16 Too funny. Lol

    Brendan Parsch

    Just wanted to chime in for all you DIY'ers, there is nothing wrong with servicing your own car! However, there is MUCH more to cars than brakes and oil changes. If you are not mechanically inclined enough to recognize, just to name a few, wheel bearings, failing suspension components, etc, you may still need to have your car checked out by a professional, and I encourage you all to do so when things are beyond your knowledge. At my shop, we generally "look at" customers' cars for free, especially in the case of "I hear this noise / I feel this bla bla", and thus, if the customer is so inclined to do so, they may go home and fix it themselves with the support of a professional opinion on the problem.

    Chris R – Arizona Gunpla Builder

    i was a assistant manager for Walmart, man i can tell you story's.

    Midnight Mystery

    Not even to the parking lot?

    Scotty : Door dings.

    Jesse Putra

    Also being the cheapest place in town for oil, tires and batteries, the vehicles people bring in are complete pieces of junk, barely running and the customers just waiting-wishing you mess up on the vehicle so they can get something for free or famous words, “it wasn’t like that when I brought it here”.


    Walmart used boiled popcorn butter in my latest oil change

    Mike The security guard

    How about costco?

    Casey Croney

    Them blue paper towels are great I agree with Scotty

    San C

    About ten years ago, back before I knew anything about cars, I took my car to Walmart for an oil change and they did a free "multi-point" inspection. My mechanic later told me they left a windshield washer hose disconnected. I decided not to go back ever again.

    Lucas Mock

    Scotty I will never go to walmart to get my oil changed ever again. Few years back when I had a kia. It took wal-mart 5 hours to do my oil change. And the place wasn't busy at all. Never do my oil changes at walmart again. My dad works at a tire shop. I see him do it in 15 minutes

    Edward Wood

    I had a family member try to get an oil change at a WalMart and they ended up draining the transmission fluid. Completely serious.

    Jeffrey Pringle

    Went to Walmart for a battery about 6 months ago. That tab that hangs over the side of the battery hold down, they actually drove it right through the top of my new battery causing a leak. They tried to play it off when I came back, until they sprinkled some white powder on it (baking soda?) and saw it was in fact leaking.

    bill durning

    actually–you do get highly traied people for 11 an hr cause there is no where else—if nobody did it for 11 an hr then no one would be doing it and we wouldn't be discussing this

    awe Ruby

    If you do its likely one of the "people of walmart" are gonna steal it yes that happens im a police and weve had 6 calls in the last month about cars parked at wal mart being stolen turned out it was one guy doing it hes facing 6 counts of felony vehicle theft and 6 counts of possesion of stolen vehicle and 1 counts of unlawful use of vehicle the guy was an employee there and his manager had no idea he was going on break to steal vehicles from customers officers on scene called him the wal mart bandit

    D H

    5:40 I buy all my tv's from CostCo during black friday after Thanksgiving.

    David seg

    I worked for Walmart years ago. A manager told me one day that a good employee looses motivation after 3 to 6 months, so his idea was to always have new employees. I guarantee that if you meet an employee the first day and then meet that same employee 3 to 6 months later you wouldn’t think that they were the same person. Their personality and motivation would be gone.

    Michael White

    You got that right Walmart slow as hell !!


    Why complain about Walmart? They don't pay commission!

    Po Tato

    What if I need groceries or something? Should I park across the street

    James Volk

    Don't buy anything at Walmart, don't support them. They enslave their workers. Support your local shops

    Juan Medina

    why would anyone bring their car to WALMART lmaooooooooooooo!!!

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