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    Never Buy This Car Insurance, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic with Scotty Kilmer. If you’re buying a car don’t use this car insurance. Car insurance scams …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Mark Clark

    USAA if you are a military officer, retired or active. Fantastic!

    Robertson Tirado

    Insurance is the biggest global racket in human history.


    Hi scotty. I have metlife auto with work. I never been in an accident. So i cant pledge for them. But its pretty good so far. They replaced my front windshield for free and orhers coworkers have it and they say its good. I only pay like 90 a month. Im a good driver.

    Juggy Boy

    Can't really relate, Canada, BC, ICBC


    I have had Progressive for years. The only issue I have had is that they won't replace my windshield unless it costs over $500. So I have been driving with 3 bullseyes in my windshield and one of them has started to spider crack.

    Buzz Pedrotti

    Very thoughtful.

    Dbf Crell

    The original concept of insurance was to be SELF-FUNDED. No one was supposed to make a profit. Our country was stolen from us Americans back in the 1800's

    Dj pittster

    I hate insurance, my windows got shot out full coverage, I'm screwed, had a bill bigger than my car payment. Why do I have insurance?

    Rajai Johnson

    Wish i had known that about mapfre before i got them last year. They didnt want to pay for the towing after my accident. I came out of pocket. They said, on multiple occasions that theyll call me back. Of course ive had to call them back. Worst customer service ever. No warning that i had a missed payment neither when the bank put my account on hold. Crazy because they have 3 ways to contact me. Never again!


    "Bank Robbers"
    *Shows a picture of Goldman Sachs

    Phoenix Duke

    Do not get The General Insurance! A young guy hit me, and of course he didn't have any insurance. I had liability and uninsured motorist that I've been paying for a long time. According to The General when I called and reported to them about being hit, they told me that I did not have uninsured motorist! Now on my paper work that they gave me from the beginning said that I had liability and uninsured motorist! The agent I talked to over the phone told me well sir it's not in our computer that you have uninsured motorist! I argued with these people for over an hour! Here on my paper work that I've been paying the same payment since I took out the policy. So I got stuck with damage to my car that I had to pay out of my own pocket! So stay the hell away from The General Insurance Co! I'd celebrate if that company would cease to exist!



    Scotty's video titles: DON'T DRIVE IN YOUR CAR. STOP. BAD.


    I have progressive and flipped my ford explorer in a ice storm and was totaled
    Progressive took care of just about all of was was owed on it and fast my gap insurance only had to pay my deductible and 2,500 and was a pain to get to fund everything
    But progressive didn't give me any grief

    Quan Henry

    Allstate has paid out over 150k over the past 7 years from various problems. I pay 100 a month and my premium is 100 dollars.


    Allstate is good for jacking up your rates every year and say the price of lumber went up lol


    I agree, insurance is one of the biggest scams out there and it exists on a gamble. You are coerced to buy it on the off chance that you need it "in case" of an accident, and they in turn know that more often than not, you really didn't need it but are willing to pay them for it anyway out of fear that if you "might need" it and would be sunk if you didn't have it. Meanwhile you pay them gobs of money for the concept and they bank buck off that fear based reality. That's why when push comes to shove on the budget, I become less inclined to pay it down, let it laps and pay back into it whenever I can. Sure one can't prevent all accidents from happening, but I do my part by being a safe driver to minimize that outcome. Perhaps if all drivers did the same, we might never need insurance what a concept.

    Philip Walker

    I had Farmers when I lived in Texas. They weren't any cheaper than anyone else and a friend is an agent for them. After six months, it dropped from $87 to $45 a month. When Texas passed a new financial responsibility provision with the existing law requiring insurance companies to maintain a database of insured drivers that the state could access, it went back up to $87 a month. Dropped them and sold the truck right after that.

    John Diaz

    That's all to easy. Thanks to government regulators which is another issue.

    Mike Lenker

    I certainly had some BAD insurance companies over the year (cough cough ALLSTATE), but my current one is awesome. They're a privately held company so no shareholders to deal with, plus I get a dividend every year. Unfortunately it's only available in my state. New Jersey Manufacturer's is so good I have my home insurance with them too. And supposedly once you're in, they don't drop you. I've had them for nearly 30 years so that could be true. Plus I've never gotten surcharged for a traffic ticket or an accident. All insurance companies should work like that but they won't because most of them are money-grubbing b@stards.

    Kien Hweng Tai

    In short, insurance is theft.


    I thought you were gonna name more than 2!


    Insurance is thievery.
    End of list


    I pay $1800+ per year for car insurance here in Michigan. It's such a scam. You are so right. They just get rich off of us!


    For me personally (not my business) with auto insurance, Progressive was the best deal for me by quite a bit.


    I had never heard of MAPFRE before, but they are on my roster as of last month May, so I am making a bit more money… lol

    jason longful

    How you work on cars for 53 years but only been driving for 45????????

    Sam Haines

    thanks for the public service Scotty. Good examples, well researched. The current system of Insurance companies seems to fit the definition of racketeering. The only difference is that it is somehow legal. So I thoroughly enjoyed the graphic you posted onscreen with the caption "How bills get passed"-!!

    its papa j

    Founder's insurance is also extremely notorious for never paying. And it's even rated 1 star on Google 😂

    Kimberly H

    Somebody with Farmer's insurance cut through a parking lot & hit me driving down the lane correctly head on, Farmer's wouldn't pay a dime they are the most scam insurance Co in existence


    Ok what about usaa

    Matthew Thrasher

    If you can post a $35K bond with CA, you don't have to have car insurance.

    Alexander Milentis

    Hold up… you've been driving 45 years and you've paid over $70,000 in car insurance premiums? That doesn't sound right, especially when you claim you always buy cheap used cars. No way you average $2000 a year in car insurance premiums for yourself. Also, it comes in handy when you need it. I got in a wreck that paid out close to 100k in damages because this lady was claiming all types of back problems and other BS after the wreck. Never skimp on car insurance. When a company tells you they don't want to sell you the legal minimum it's not just because they're trying to rip you off.


    Scotty, I think you are lambasting the wrong people. Talk to or about the state governments and their regulatory agencies. The states have full control on how they want their citizens treated by the insurance companies.

    Cristian Nava

    Insurance and tax… Who even pays for that. LOL

    Brian Gonzalez

    I Hate Insurance.

    Samsung Kev

    Preach👨🏾‍🏫👨🏾‍🏫👨🏾‍🏫👨🏾‍🏫 it Scotty 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    Linux Goddess

    In Georgia you have to have car insurance or they store ya car. My granny's insurance with me as secondary driver is $163.00 a month for full coverage. The cheapest is $160.000 for the minimum coverage. 🙁

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