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Never Let Your Car Idle

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    Never Let Your Car Idle, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car idle problem. Does idling your car for a long time damage or hurt your engine? The problem …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    1. Common Sense

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    CRAZY g00se

    Scotty: never let your car idle also Scotty: why you shouldn’t even turn on your car

    Soundwave Superior

    Don't drive your car. It consumes fuel.
    Another reason to not drive is it'll wear out the tires.

    Patrick Joseph

    Hopefully, drive-thru windows will be a thing of the past, of ANY business!!!

    Haitham H

    Next up : Why not to drive your car 🤣

    Joash Young

    What are your tips for those living in hot humid tropical countries (Southeast Asia for instance) with horrendous traffic where we idle 70-80% of the time?

    Ryan Ehlis

    Love the donuts on the cop car 😉

    Victor Thorn

    People, drive your cars. Let them idle. Rev them. Just drive safely. Enjoy your car you bought or was bought for you. Check your basics if you want them to last. Driving a car makes it last longer then not. More damage is caused by it sitting there.

    Armando Clark

    I swear scotty a real 1


    I'll buy an electric car after Scotty retires.


    So I left my lights on the other day and needed a jump start. The operator said to let t idle for 45-60 minutes to charge it up. I didn't think that was wise or effective so I just went for a drive. I know ideally you'd pull the battery to charge but not realistic when out of town or in most situations.



    Michael Michael

    Scotty, I have a 2013 Lexus GS350 RWD with 90k miles that I just bought last month. Every time I start it up it, white/grayish smoke comes out of the exhaust and disappears within 10-15 seconds. What causes this? Thanks in advance

    John O’Laughlin

    I’m not sure how this applies to a car newer than 1975…

    This is just a bunch of non-information. Modern cars have more than adequate cooling systems with variable speed electric fans.

    Our 1.8 Passat spend hours and hours idling. It has 180,000 miles on it now. It’s never leaked coolant. You’re a snake oil mechanic Scotty


    Scotty is either sweating like crazy or he's made of CGI.

    Bo Ho

    Modern engines (by Mazda and ford that I’m aware of) can handle idling fine. If it’s designed to work in Death Valley it’ll work fine idling in 98 degree weather. Check and change fluids and change belts on time

    A Texan Guy

    lols, he said turn on my A/C,


    umm in cold weather states or diesels and towing vehicles this is mute and wrong unless in hot climates. like the Colorado mountains where I live, not idling to warm up the engine in my truck or turbo diesel vw will do far more damage to quickly jump in and go. ask semi truck drivers why use and wait for peak operating temps. in hot climates yes excess heat of long idling is problem, then turn car off.

    boosted kid productions

    Cop car's stay running for 8 hours a day but they have transmission and engine coolers

    Peter B.

    Ignition switches are cheap engines are expensive, shut off your engine.

    Robin Ellison

    When I'm at a train track I shut the car off. Smart idea that you use the big fan to keep the engine and transmission cooled off. Best mechanic on YouTube! 👍Subscribe 🔔

    Palm Coast Adventures

    Idling your car (on purpose such as drive thrus or inside parking lots) is a waste of money. Thats a good enough reason not to do it but now Scotty tells us its also bad for the car so that seals the deal. People need to stop being lazy. They where not idling when gas was $5 per gallon

    Miguel Medina

    Some one : I think I might buy a car .
    Scotty : Don't!!!!

    mike sutton

    Smokey Robinson says only you can prevent forest fires !

    mike sutton

    Auto manufacturers purposely make cheap parts ! Go blow it out you tailpipes auto enginneers ! 🚘

    Lorrin Barth

    Better advice is don't buy a car with a lot of plastic engine parts.

    Roy Mowery

    Looks like Scotty cracking from the heat , but love your videos.


    Enjoy buying a new bottom end and rings if you listen to the title. One of the worst parts of a engine to ever have to work on.

    R-2 D-2

    I run my van with the ac on every night (to stay cool at work) for about 8 hours a night but i replaced the cooling system so i should be ok right?

    George Mead

    *Get a Flintstone's type car. Nothing to tear up or wear out. Yabba Dabba Dooooo!


    Bruh I sleep inside my car for hours leaving it on

    Kevin Vandevelde

    BMW and other car manufacture's are required by law to use recycled plastic's this is what cause's some of the problems


    I don't use drive through unless the dine in is closed.


    we have Truck drivers that Idle here in Arizona all the time, even in a Semi its bad to idle?


    Watching this sitting in the Walmart parking lot waiting for wife.

    910AM Superstation Funnies

    "Leave a non offensive comment, and I'm giving away one of these BIG AIR FANS!" lol

    Scotty, do you know how many people sit on the Detroit freeways, for sometimes hours at a time going to and from work year after year!!!! lol…

    I'm glad I own a Prius, the generator on wheels.

    George Marcos

    Thank you Scotty, I like watching your videos long time ago. I'm George, I live in Egypt. I have a french car Peugeot 307


    Scotty for president


    This guy def made a video before on how it was ok to let your modern car idle. so what is it scotty?

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