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Never Warm Up Your Car’s Engine, Unless

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    Never Warm Up Your Car’s Engine, Unless, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Should you warm up your car’s engine before driving, myth busted. How long …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Dennis Graves

    Rev Up your coal locomotives!


    Here's the easiest rule of thumb for warming up a vehicle. Start it, and once it comes down from high idle, you're ready to go. Drive it in a conservative manner (because you're also warming up the transmission) until the temp gauge reaches it normal reading and that's it.


    Just don't start it cold and take off at full power until warm……after that, PUNCH IT as the old lady says!! 👵


    If your driving a diesel equipment then you have to warm it up,


    I had a car with a v6 and a misfire in cylinder 3 so I just removed all the spark plugs and now there is no misfires

    Satsui Nohado

    Warming up the engine is not needed. I admit though, I let the RPMs drop before I shift to drive as the engine is excited for the first minute or so.
    If you shift into drive right after starting, your transmission takes hit when it jumps to drive.


    I worm up for 10 min in a 24vavle 5.9

    trucker V

    I warm my cars up (new and old) simply so it's warm inside when I get in. I don't see any reason to have to drive to work in the winter being cold all the way there.

    Michael Garvy

    I come here for the comments.


    Was this a previous upload? DEJA-VU!


    Don't forget as soon as your water temp reaches normal temp,your oil is not at normal operating temperature yet,
    Usually about 10 minutes after that you can then safely give your car a damn good thrashing haha.

    mike finnity

    I live in the northeast. I woukd not feel comfortable starting my car and driving off when it's 5 or 10 degrees out, even with a new car. Plus, getting into a warm car when it's that cold is alot nicer than sitting on freezing leather seats


    Warm up your engine everyday for 5 or 10 minutes everyday before you are start driving your vehicle


    I have a 99 camry v6 that I bought for $1000 it had a missfire on cylinder 3 a check the ingnition system but at the end I discovered that the head was cracked and was leaking coolant into cylinder 3 that was the reason of the missfire

    Kenny Martin

    2002 toyota tomaca i never warm it up runs 👍

    Phx Rising

    The purpose of warming a car engine is not discussed in this video. The reason that you need to warm your engine before hitting high rpms is due to the expansion of the metal parts in your engine as they get hot. The engineers understand this so they size the parts to reach the correct dimensions at normal operating temperatures.

    Michael Zernie

    For my mini van it all depends on the rpm and outdoor temps.

    DayCab GearJammer

    C'mon Scottie. Cars with iron block needs warm up. That's why we have cold start mode. Alum motors not as much. But still let oil pressure build!!!

    EDGhosts Gaming

    BMW steering wheel clicking for a year now. BMW DEALER told me it's because of noisy struts/shocks. Should I fix it this year or not? I haven't had any issues with it except the noise when turning wheel while stopped.


    I actually warmup my engine until the needle of the speedometer drops down to the normal idle speed. Takes about 20 seconds. Then I’m ready to go.
    My vehicle is a Hyundai Veloster.


    Anyone else think watching Scotty videos each day is mandatory? I wish I knew half of what he's forgotten.

    James Gentry

    My 92 f150 5.0 warms its self for a minute almost everyday

    Jay Minasi

    i count to ten before i drive off, if the temps are mild

    Zed orda

    The reasons you warm a modern car are not the same reasons you warmed up older cars. The main reason you should warm up a modern car is because of all the aluminum parts. Aluminum is one of those metals that has alot of thermal differential expansion and during the warm up process the wear is highly uneven and unpredictable so best not to stress it then. It works as intended at running temp of about 220F but it doesn't take all that to get to running temp. In most vehicles this is accomplished at about 3mins-3.5mins any longer and you are just wasting gas. He is right in the fact that they have highly reduced the need to warm a vehicle but it is still slightly beneficial. Especially if you like warm air on a cold day, am I right or am I right?


    Regular gas and premium gas is the same. It’s a gimmick they proved it

    Rob Erickson

    I warm my vehicle up in the morning so I get into a warm vehicle and the ice is easier to get off

    Mark G.

    I work at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. My car sits in the parking lot for roughly eleven hours. Temps in the winter can be as low as minus 20. If I don’t let the engine run for at least 10 minutes, the transmission won’t shift. Not good when pulling onto 494.

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