Tuesday, March 21, 2023

New Coilovers & P3 Gauge | #AlpineVAGFair Prep!

Main New Coilovers & P3 Gauge | #AlpineVAGFair Prep!

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    Today we install Bilstein Coilovers and a digital p3 gauge on our MK7 golf Alltrack. We temporarily installed or lift blocks on top of our coilovers until we decide to …

    Rick Furnival

    I've got an Alltrack with Golf R springs and stock dampers. Can you comment on improvement/difference as compared to the Bilsteins?

    Justin Carlson

    As an Alltrack owner I really appreciate the content. I am IS20 on a full UM tune lowered on KW's. Love the Alltrack and the MQB platform. However I would be worried to have you guys work on my car..hahahaha. Keep up the great content.

    Kyle Sowder

    P3 Gauge maxes out at 22.5 psi without the aux boost tap… πŸ™


    Thats a pretty decent (off) 0-60 for so much stuff weighing it down!


    The Tech mixed in with the humour is Awesum..you guys gel in so well together..lol
    I’d love to see you include Humble Charlie for an episode ..

    Matt McCarter

    How simple are the p3 gauge installs? And do they all measure 0-60 as well?

    Takeo Mack

    Thanks for another GREAT/FUNNY video Paul! You guys make a really awesome team! πŸ‘


    You dudes can be pretty funny to listen to. Got love all the beeps. You should count the beeps and place a total at the end.


    How would those Bilstein Coilovers hold up in winter with lots of road salt?

    The Car Crazy Guy

    What do you estimate the 0-60 time at?


    Love your guys work can’t wait for more, gives me the motivation to get on with my old car


    So 0-60 is more like 4.9-5.3? Probably sub 5.5 either way that's quick enough to confuse people.

    Babar the elephant

    Cool video I like it when you guys just chilling ! Who knew Paul had a sense of humour :πŸ˜‚

    Craig Wildfeuer

    Subframe spacers. 'Nuff said.

    Tuned GTI

    Gonna watch a lil bit of this

    The Xeonator Channel


Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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