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New Detailer – Set Prices and Build Wealth In Auto Detailing!

Main New Detailer – Set Prices and Build Wealth In Auto Detailing!

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    I love the fact about claying a car in the basic kit.. but i can not ever clay a car without marring. Especially on a black car. How u do that !? 😅

    Whats On Your Plate?

    Bro this video is the best

    Ali Moghadasi

    I don't understand why some people hit thumbs down button on this video that was entirely true and realistic!!!
    Love you Scott.

    Supreme Clientele auto care

    Loved this video Scott, you rock ✊🏽👍🏽

    Arby Garvey

    i have a package to compete with the car wash guys as well. my job is based on providing a service. sometimes you have to be able to meet people where they are, IN THE MOMENT.

    Joto Puto

    What if in your town the carwash prices are $10 and not $40


    Scott! So I’m new to detailing cars as a business but not new to detailing. Money isn’t my issue I’m making good money per vehicle but it’s the time I’m spending doing these vehicles is the problem there taking me two days. This is only a problem because I personally need to do more vehicles a day so I can make more money and because I wanna go mobile and not everyone can go that long without a car I need to get in and out. Obviously spending that much time the car looks amazing I’m not missing a spot but I need to get quicker how do I do this? Do I fly you out and we do some cars together and I pay you so you can show me or what? This is the biggest problem I’m facing I’m just taking way to long but the vehicles are coming out amazing and I’m making good money but I need to cut it down to a day at the least! Half a day would be great! And the jobs we are talking that take this long in a full interior detail and exterior detail with a 1 step paint correction plus wax or a one and half step paint correction plus wax! Haven’t done a 2 step for a customer yet I could only imagine how long that would take! So my point is how do I get quicker can you help me? Can I fly you out? Can I come do a day or two of work with you? Haha but seriously I hope more experience this will change! But love the videos have watched 100s of your videos keep it up buddy! Much love Andrew! Ps. Monday the 1st is my birthday let’s make it happen! 😉


    Basic exterior wash costs $6.99 in Houston. You are way, way off.

    Dewand McQueen

    Scott for each of those packages with the pricing How long would it take you to complete exterior detail

    HV JR

    Perfect timing I'm planning on starting a detailing business in the next 30 days and working on my packages now. Thank you for all your videos Scott!!!

    Jon Landen

    That was great!
    Hey Scott what did you use to get water spots off glass???

    Robert Coheed

    Very Right .. Scott your Awesome!!!!!!!

    Juan Jo Villafaña

    Great video……👍👍👍


    Thank you for the message! I will apply with my business! I appreciate someone I can look up to and push me forward! Thanks for the video and appreciated your content!

    Jose antonio

    Ok great video scott really liket it, really enjoyed a lot!… but im professional detailer i dont use packages because every car is different and every vehicle has different conditions… so how you pricing MAINTENANCE WASH? . I have weekly, bi weekly and monthly clients? . How you pricing that? Cuz for that im charging between $40 to $85 for a maintenance detail but well maintained vehicle only, by me.

    Boswells Auto Detailing

    Preach it

    R King

    20 minutes? Wow, Scott, you're getting into Darren Priest territory here!

    We love you Scott.

    Miguel LUMBRERAS

    Great video Scott, you hit it home with this one as you always do. ✌

    Derek Athey

    Some markets are just not there for money to be made. Just a fact.


    Scott, can you please give the allotted time for each vehicle type? Your rates will slowly build wealth. More to come on this topic. Luv the honest Scott

    Prestige Mobile Auto Detailing

    For my exterior only here in South Carolina I charge $60 cars $70 trucks suv. Includes wash of paint clay wax wheels tires fender wheels exterior glass black plastic dressed. I don’t include door jams in exterior nor under the hood. Works for me. Most of the expense would be gas a tax. Chemicals are practically nothing. But hey let me try raising My prices to starting at $100 for exterior for the month of April and see if it works.

    Scott Allen

    This may be the best video you've done, Scott. I'm not a professional detailer, but the advice you have given here is applicable to just about any small business. Thanks for everything you do!


    Know your worth people. Love you Scott.

    Felipe’s Car Wash & Detailing

    He looks like a teacher talking to the students 🤣🤣🤣

    Tactical Officer

    In the San Francisco Bay Area we start at 200.00

    B Stewart ExecutiveCarCare

    If you are just starting out this is good advice. Will it apply to everyone, perhaps not. But it is a good template.👍

    Skull Tap

    I like this video a lot. A lot. Totally on point.

    I am very fortunate, I have people come to my house for detailing. Friends, relatives, neighbors and word of mouth. Even though I am not in this for wealth, I do not touch a vehicle for under $100. I don’t care if the car is absolutely spotless when I start. Anything less is not worth my time or efforts. It’s absolutely hilarious that people have called me greedy, ridiculous and many other unkind names yet those same people are some of my best and most repeat customers. They find out, very quickly, that my prices aren’t even close to what I could charge. It’s not the price that matters, it’s the value you provide them for protecting their vehicles.

    I just did a full interior and exterior detail on a 2016 Ford F250 and charged $225 and guess what, the guy and his wife gave me $300 and told me he is making me his go to guy. 3.5 hours for $300 … not too shabby for detailing at my house.

    Ludicrous Plaid

    Great video.

    Pedro Teixeira

    The issue with claying is thst you introduce damage to paint.
    As a customer is weird that the car has more scratchs after a detailer worked on the car.
    Ok.. i would need the paint correction package.
    Debaitable. 🙂

    Steve C

    This is exactly how I feel when it comes to including a clay decon with most cars. I see some guys charge extra. Doesn't make sense. If people don't want to pay I guess guys just wax and seal right over contamination. I will always clay a car to make it right.

    Justin Rounds

    Worried about charging your customers more? Educate yourself to your business and boost your skill levels. Watch every video you can, try different techniques, ask questions, find answers. If you can explain your services to a customer and they understand the work involved vs the time required to do it properly then the cost should absolutely be no issue. Personally I've had good success educating customers on what a detailer does vs car wash tunnels.. especially the bad ones. Bad car washes keep me in business fixing the dumb mistakes. Detailers don't just dump goop on a car to quickly rinse it off, give it a half ass air dry, and send the car through a puddle that's formed right outside the cleaning bay.

    James Hutchins

    Sound business advice that anyone needs to know. You rock!
    Spot on. You are now a dad to many.

    Nathan Ceranski

    Great video Scott! I operate my own detail business as well. I struggled with this in the beginning, I was doing cars for what seemed like pennies, because I was afraid people wouldn’t see the value in the service I was providing. I’m happy to say that, I have just about 1 year in business, I’ve made a name for myself in my area, with top notch interior details, and my profit margin has grown immensely.


    Lots of views coming!

    Richard Precision Detail

    Great info Scott!

    Perry Ford

    Amen brother!

    Urban Details

    Wow thanks for the advice! I need to overlook at my packages and prices. Also I want to point out that I'm not a full time detailer I only do this part time so that should be even more of a reason to not be afraid to out up the prices and offer a more detailed job.

    Sylvain Marier

    Those are really great infos Scott, Thanks for sharing. As I am meticulous I cannot charge 40-50$ for just a cleaning but your example of basic detailing is a great one. I am in thinking to do a detailing business even if there is a lot of competition here in my city and that’s why I want to be different than others so your informations/tips are just in time !!

    Frank Gioia

    Great mentor video!!!!
    Confidence in your service will translate into more business.

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