Tuesday, March 21, 2023

New Exhaust System for My Saab 9-3 Arc!

Main New Exhaust System for My Saab 9-3 Arc!

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    Auto Autopsy

    300th upload on YouTube for me! Can we get this video to 300 likes??
    Comparison starts at 7:27! Enjoy 😁

    Tyler Witmer

    So its a magnaflow muffler and what else???

    SAABY Life

    Shop did a sweet job and hey im about to straight pipe mine (cat back) you just gotta let people hear it lol but yeah sweet exhaust dude still sounds good

    Alex Castillo

    Are there any trunk lip spoilers you recommend for saab 9-3’s 2008-2011? Because I’m not sure what to look for and you’re the most knowledgeable saab owner I know, so I thought I’d ask you.


    I just can't enjoy a loud exhaust on a car w/auto trans no matter what brand. The new system sounds OK.

    Dan Solo

    1 Amazing way to get Your Car Quicker is to – Not Buy a Fuckin' ''Automatic..!'' [;)] IMO
    Nice Saab tho Buddy…

    Marc Count

    Hey, I like your wheels ! Are they original Saab wheels ? 18 inches ? BTW, where you buy the tails light ? These tail lights should be for 2008 onwards and not for your 2003 Arc, do you need to make modification to install them as I also wanna install the same as yours ! Please tell and Thanks !

    Андрей Сергеевич

    Old exhaust was so aggressive 😩

    Nathaniel Couey

    For revs, the old system was definitely better. For everything else, the new one is better.


    Much more saab sensible exhaust my nan would appoove 😆💪😎👌

    Sebastian Pavlov

    I like the new because it more natural and smoother not rough

    Attack444 444

    I like the smooth but sporty sound of the new exhaust👌

    Steady Saabin

    I'm all for the lower rumble the old system had. Then again mines straightpiped so I'll be partial to the older louder one lol


    New exhaust system is 👌mate. For a daily, the drone of the old would give me the irrits too. Love the ice blocks btw 😍

    David Lewis

    Does the arc need to be returned to suit the new system ?? .


    I wish we had good welders in the bronx… Everyone sucks out here.


    What do u think about double exhaust system in 9-3?

    Rikard Andersson

    On video i still think the old setup sounds better but videos never tell the full story. The new setup sounds really good too and for a daily driver that's just what you want, a little bit extra but not crazy loud 👍


    Never click on a video so fast

    Sam Lincoln •


Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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