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NEW LOOK MAMBA was Asked to RACE a 900HP SHELBY GT500! | 2019 American Muscle Show

Main NEW LOOK MAMBA was Asked to RACE a 900HP SHELBY GT500! | 2019 American Muscle Show

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    Daniel Gallimore

    If the hood wasn’t so expensive id say paint it similar to the gt500’s keep the middle from the vent back carbon fiber and then paint the rest of it green.

    Scott Trepanosky

    Green hood on looks better

    Steven Rhodes

    It's definitely GREEN! I was kind of glad you did the fully loaded run on 98 octane. It was still less than a second off of the best you got out of full drag ready E85 which I didn't think was that bad. For what it's worth, I'd leave the carbon hood on the car. It really sets things off. Also, for clarification because I didn't catch it if you said before, but that green paint will be peelable like previous color was? Thanks!

    ricky brickey

    Sweet. I like the idea of the carbon fiber drag strip only

    Rick Massey

    Everyone so polite of course they're going to say to your face they love it…but I don't lie😁… i'm not a hypocrite…just because Ford offers the color for 2019-20 doesn't mean it's great…that color FUCKED UP THE CAR… when it was the BLACK black mamba it was a gorgeous, menacing,fear inducing, striking BADASS CAR especially with the RTR TECH5'S…Then you colored it penis purple, now yeast infection green…smh…and if not for the performance aspect it would be pointless to see.

    Rick Massey

    Why?. don't like the green….this is the 3rd color change… I'm not going to just say it's great because it's popular. ..also ask AmericanMuscle about employee Dalton's statement of fake advertising on the power claims for the C&L race cai and Bama tune?

    Rick Massey


    Gold Boy

    Wish u coulda got runs in wit the new hood

    Roddrick Avery


    Jeremiah Morley

    Just because the expectations set up by the title are not fulfilled I have to downvote this

    Joshua Broticus

    Prefer the green hood over the carbon fiber j/s

    Dillon Carroll

    Slow times nothin!!!!, That suckers quick👍

    Big Chicken

    I used to find your channel annoying when you had the Ecoboost but now I love the content

    Daniel Roberson

    This color rocks!!! It looks great both ways but I prefer all green.

    Jeff Nieto

    Hell yeah that looks sweet!

    Ryan Beers

    when you say "mamba" it almost sounds like you are saying momma but that's just me 🤔 is all..!?!?!?


    Green hood much better

    Yes It’s Me

    It is no longer a mamba, I dunno what this thing is anymore.

    Jeff Rogge

    Im glad you pointed out that and the baby part cuz i thought she had one big boob at first i thought she had one missing until you said and the baby

    Jimbo Jimbo

    Hey Stangmode did u race Gonzo..yet..
    If not u should try it I think it will be a good

    k- fountain

    Dope color!

    Michael Reitz

    I like the green hood better than the carbon fiber personally. But the green color is the best your car has looked so far. Love it bro!

    Seeking Truth

    I really like the green color with matching calipers.

    Jason America

    I was there Saturday. American muscle rented the track and they only had maybe 10 cars racing. That included a pickup.

    Rick Trent

    Looking good 👍

    Scar _5oh

    I have a 2018 mustang gt with a Roush CAI, Roush x-pipe, Roush axle back and dealer installed Roush pcm calibration (tune). The car has ~5600 miles on it. My ltft bank 1 is ~11.7% at idle and around 5% during regular city driving. My ltft bank 2 is at ~7.8 % at idle and around 5% in normal city driving. My 02 voltage is around .65-.75v. I currently have no codes because they’ve been cleared but at wot and around 6500-7000 rpm my cel comes on with a p0300 code. My mode 6 on my scanner shows misfire counts as well (1-2 counts ) randomly across cylinders 2-7. My maf reads 390-500 g/s at idle as well. Car was checked multiple times even with the cel on and i have been told the car is fine and that nothing is wrong….coil packs are fine, spark is fine, Maf was cleaned and functioning fine…. what is going on??? STFT is generally -3.5-3.0 too btw. Help!


    Dude u look like a scroat every time I watch ur videos. Maybe u should try shaving and grooming urself. U would come across a LOT more Professional looking!

    Speed Addict 731

    Love the new look! I say keep the carbon fiber hood on all the time! Goes with the trunk lid! Oh we need to get our cars together at the dragstrip 😎

    townsend spratlen

    That looks killa, were the calipers wrapped or painted?


    Thanks for stopping by for AM2019!

    Ronan B

    Lol 'racing'… Nice straight line.

    Jaime Padilla

    Holy crap due that is the best that car has looked! I love that grabber green! Don't change that color just send it!

    Pony UP Garage

    I subscribe to both you and JD I was stoked to see that race bummer his car freaked out. Mamba lookin good though!

    Phoneman 1223

    Spent all day at the show looking for the Brown Mamba, didn’t think you could get the car put back together in time for showtime

    Paul Racine

    Green Mamba??
    More like green POS!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Got a Need for Green with a dash ofPearl looks like


    The mamba is looking sharp!

    Smurfeco 2.3

    A led for the reverse bulb really helps the cam

    Pantera 5.0

    Damn bro, that green with the carbon fiber hood 🤤

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